Sam Bradford is worrying about the wrong Quarterback and it could be his biggest mistake yet


With a new day comes new discussions on Sam Bradford. New reports claiming he isn’t showing up for workouts and new analysts weighing in on the former Heisman winner’s out of character actions. But with all the focus being placed on Wentz and Bradford, we all seem to be forgetting the future of one man, Chase Daniel.

Before the blockbuster trade between the Eagles and the Browns, the birds signed Chase Daniel as a backup to Sam Bradford. A Quarterback who was not only familiar with Doug Pederson, but his system. Having played in eight games with the Cheifs during his three year tenure, Daniel proved himself to be reliable enough for Pederson to bring him to Philadelphia on what is a very generous contract.

Fast forward a few weeks and we find ourselves debating the future of Sam Bradford. According to his agent, Bradford will not be showing up to workouts and is evidently still disgruntled and scrapping for a way out of this point though he may as well be a Hamster on a wheel chasing a piece of’s always going to be just out of reach.

So, where does that leave Mr Wentz? The whole idea was to draft him and let him marinate  behind Bradford and Daniel. To learn the system behind a Quarterback who knows it inside out and to perfect his craft behind a Quarterback who was among the most accurate in the closing rges of 2015.

If Bradford isn’t playing ball, and for the sake of this article we say that they choose to start a backup at some stage during the season (be it through a means of doing what’s best for the team or through an injury etc), it’s hard to imagine that the Eagles would change their plan entirely and bring Wentz onto the field unless he’s 100% ready.

The North Dakota State star has an abundance of talent and plenty of upside, but needs to have it crafted before he steps on to an NFL field. Wentz is a very raw talent and with such a Quarterback friendly coaching tree will likely develop into a great franchise QB. But dropping him in too early can have disastrous consequences..consequences you don’t have to suffer if you have a reliable backup in Chase Daniel.

In any scenario where Bradford for what ever reason can’t/won’t play, the Eagles are going to ride Chase Daniel..and this is something that everyone is overlooking. Whilst Bradford is sat at home ignoring calls and missing out valuable time with the Offense, who’s taking all the reps?

You guessed it, Chase Daniel. If there’s one man Sam Bradford needs to be worried about, it’s the Quarterback who already knows the system, is already affiliated with the Head Coach and is approaching the offseason workout program with tremendous amounts of optimism despite essentially being demoted to a long term backup/third string.

Sam Bradford is spending all this time trying to make a statement. That he’s unhappy at the idea of being a bridge Quarterback and that there is no competition, the dominos have already fallen. The problem is that both him and his agent Tom Condon are looking at the situation through a very narcissistic lens.

When you step back and look at the bigger picture, there is now a competition for the starting Quarterback in Philadelphia. Away from the media, the hype, salaries and the expectation, there is a Quarterback who is ready to start for the Philadelphia Eagles and failing to acknowledge that could prove to be Sam Bradford’s worst nightmare.

If Chase Daniel starts and the Eagles are able to get by, they won’t be worried at all with keeping Bradford sidelined, frankly he could whine all he wanted. The Eagles hold all the leverage and when it comes to the end of next season, they’ll hold even more.

If Bradford doesn’t start many games in 2016 or plays poorly, his career in the NFL could be cut short. Not for his lack of talent or an ability to win games..but because his attitude going into this season has been so selfish  that no team is going to want to pay him the “great player money” Condon insists he’s worth. If he walks out of Philadelphia, every NFC team now has a franchise Quarterback and the AFC is very hit and miss. Will any of those teams want to pay “great player money” for a player who has either barely started in 2016 or refused to attend offseason workouts?

In a very bizarre turn of events, if Chase Daniel starts in 2016..Sam Bradford’s career in Philadelphia at least could be over. He’s spent all this time worrying about Wentz and being pushed out of the door before he’s even arrived..but in adopting such a self centered mindset, he’s handed the starting keys over to Chase Daniel and said “learn to drive this car”. If Daniel starts for the Eagles, he’s a bridge Quarterback and long term solution at backup. There’s no room for Sam Bradford.

In giving the keys to Daniel, Bradford is playing a very dangerous game. With all the attention placed on Carson Wentz and how he is obviously the man of the future, both parties have failed to recognize that the real threat comes from the man who could prevent Bradford from taking to the stage one last time and showing the world what he can do.

Is he his own worst enemy? Probably. But Bradford has a do-or-die contract with the Eagles..and he’s opting to risk giving that chance to someone else before he has even attended training camp. If Chase Daniel starts in 2016, that’s his stage..his audition given to him on a silver platter by the one Quarterback who needed it more than anyone.