Bradford’s agent has not been granted permission to seek trade


Sam Bradford’s agent Tom Condon appeared on SiriusXM earlier this evening to give some insight into whats going on with his client and the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are some snippets from his interview with Alex Marvez of Fox Sports.

The main point here is that the Eagles have NOT granted Condon permission to seek a trade for Sam Bradford, meaning that whether he likes it or not..Bradford is likely going to be the starter for at least one more season.

Condon does make some very valid points and whilst the Eagles did make their intentions clear from the start in terms of wanting a project QB, there is a huge difference in trading up to take one and drafting one in the later rounds..

With the trade request seemingly rejected and Bradford potentially paying fines if he misses minicamp and training camp , this is a story that’s only going to heat up as the week goes on. Cooler heads may prevail post-draft as things settle down, but only time will tell just how active Sam Bradford is during the pre-season.