Sam Bradford could face hefty fines if he misses both minicamp and training camp


It’s been a long day for Eagles fans who are still trying to make sense of the never-ending Sam Bradford saga. Well, this may not mark the end of it but certainly add some clarity. According to NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, Bradford will actually be fined if he misses minicamp. But that’s just the start..

If Sam Bradford misses ALL of training camp (which is non-voluntary unlike the workouts currently taking place), he will be fined $2.75M of his $11M signing bonus agreed when he signed a new 2-year deal with the Eagles.

It’s important to note that not showing up to Training Camp and not showing up to a voluntary program are two very different things and the 25% fine will only take place if Bradford misses all of Training Camp later this summer.

Roseman has gone out of his way to say that Bradford is their starting Quarterback, but is that going to change the situation? As it stands, reports are claiming Bradford wants out of he goes about getting his wish is anyone’s guess.

Chase Daniel tweeted something interesting earlier today. With Bradford not around, all of the starter work would naturally fall to Chase Daniel who seems to be embracing the off-season program that Bradford was apparently missing from.

However Bradford is constantly the subject of “money talk” due to how much he’s made in comparison to how little he’s accomplished in comparison to the more elite QB’s in the league. Voluntarily losing 25% of a signing bonus doesn’t sound like someone who is particularly bothered about the financial side of things to me…but it is a HUGE stretch to predict a starting Quarterback would miss such a crucial part of the pre-season to make a point and force his way out. In doing so he’d know that if he does have to stay, the Offense is at a severe disadvantage and teams aren’t going to come flocking to a Quarterback with that kind of attitude.