Report: DeMarco Murray traded to Tennessee Titans


In less than 24 hours, the Eagles might have undone all of Chip Kelly’s salary cap damage embedded into the team during his short reign as both the teams Head Coach and GM. According to DeMarco Murray’s agents, the former Dallas running back will now make his way out of the NFC East to a surprising new home.

It’s still unknown what the returns are going to be for DeMarco Murray, but it’s not as if the Eagles are going to be asking for a lot when you take into account how damaging his contract was set to be for the organization.

The deal is currently being finalized and from what we know so far it was all possible because he was willing to restructure his contract. According to Ian Rapoport however, Murray’s guaranteed money (which was $21M of the $40M) will remain unchanged.

The trade will become official on Wednesday and the team will save $4M in Cap space whilst absorbing a cap hit of the same value.

There are plenty of unknowns in this deal so stay locked in for the latest.