Why the 2016 NFL Draft is the most important in recent years for the Eagles


There’s no running away from how important this year’s NFL Draft is for the Philadelphia Eagles, but many assume it’s important for the wrong reasons. Much of the hype has been around who the Eagles should take in the first round when really there are more prominent questions and concerns.

Slow and steady wins the race

If you go back over the last five years and look at players who the Eagles took in the first round and those they took in the second and beyond..this point makes itself. By highlighting who the best player that the Eagles drafted that year was in green, (one per year) it’s clear to see that the birds don’t exactly have a consistent history with first rounders..let’s avoid talking about Danny Watkins for now shall we?

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 17.23.21

This makes the first round selection even more important. Lane Johnson was the team’s last “great” first round pick although Agholor has all the potential to develop into a fantastic NFL receiver. The team have several prominent holes that need filling and with Roseman back in charge it’s imperative that the pick at number 13 is a hit regardless of what direction the Eagles choose to go.

Mind the gap

As a consequence of the Sam Bradford trade, the Eagles don’t have a second round pick. Previous second round picks as seen above include both Zach Ertz and Jordan Matthews..making this a huge gamble, especially if they don’t resign him. Because the birds don’t have a pick in the second round..a failure to hit in the first could be catastrophic when you look at the gap in talent between rounds 1-3.

Out of the pan and into the fire

Direction is everything for the Eagles this year. If the team decide for instance to bolster their O-line and miss out on some top CB talent, you might not think anything of it..until the third round when the Eagles have two picks and many of that O-Line talent is still on the board. The Eagles can’t be too hasty with that first round pick. Two third rounders are key here but they have to make sure that the position they intend on using them on will still have plenty of talent by the time their name is called..much like Jordan Hicks became the steal of 2015, the Eagles will need to be evaluating every possible scenario to ensure that a balance is instated.


Jeffery Lurie called for accountability when he parted ways with Chip Kelly and hired Doug Pederson. Howie Roseman was given power once again but with Lurie watching like a hawk this could prove to be the most impactful draft in the last five years. Control has been passed around the Eagles front office like a hot potato and if it doesn’t cool down then you’ve got to feel like someone is going to get burned…the pressure is mounted on the Eagles this season and it all starts with the draft.