Three reasons why Tom Coughlin could be the perfect fit for Philadelphia


It was reported earlier today that former Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin has been linked with the Philadelphia Eagles and is expected to interview with his long term NFC East rival on Sunday. Whilst many fans understandably were outraged at the news, there are a few reasons why Coughlin could actually be the right choice for the Eagles.

3) The long term plan
If there’s one thing the Eagles need right now it’s stability. After Chip Kelly tore the carpet from under the feet of Lurie, the birds are now in a very fragile state..the next few seasons are absolutely critical and they need to find a coach who’s in for the long haul and can help turn this franchise around.

After 12 years and two Superbowls in New York, Coughlin is now without a team and it’s widely known that  Wayne Weaver, the former Jags owner claimed his biggest regret was firing Coughlin and watching him enjoy tremendous success in New York.

Coughlin’s only had two  head coaching jobs in the NFL over the course of a 17 year career..that’s impressive. He is a coach who will build around the talent the team already have..look at the current Offensive stars in New York. Whilst some are declining, some of the best players in the league over the past 12 seasons have been New York Giants, there’s no denying that. From stars of the future to Superbowl MVP’s, Coughlin built a franchise in so many ways and with the Eagles having players bursting with talent just waiting for the right Coach to harness and recognise their ability..Coughlin may well the man for the job.

A lot of fans want a coach with Super Bowl experience..or a coach with great success..he may have been a bitter rival for 12 years, but Coughlin ticks all the boxes and matches a very similar description to that of Lurie’s coaching prototype..even going on to say

“I believe it is the unbreakable bond between coach and player that defines me as a coach” in his press conference before claiming

“Championships are won by teams that love one another, respect one another, play for and support one another.”

Has this kind of passion not been craved in Philadelphia over the past few years? Someone as tenacious as Coughlin who would likely be with the team for a minimum of five years could be what this city needs.

2) The pool
Sure Miami beat us to Gase..but let’s be real..the talent pool in coaching this season it’s incredibly thin. Other than a few veteran coaches with no recent success, it’s filled with Coordinators and College coaches looking to make the NFL Jump. The problem this year is potential vs experience. By hiring someone like Gase and giving him his first HC role, you’re having to teach him and be patient as he finds his feet in one of the most sought after roles in the league. But giving a veteran coach who hasn’t had much in the way of recent success (or luck) could be seen as a risk due to the potential decline and argument of signing someone based on reputation.

If the Eagles want someone who’s been there and done it, you won’t find many who have been around the league for as long as Coughlin. At 69, he could still have a few years left and it’s fair to say that the blame for the Giants run of poor form this season doesn’t sit on his shoulders alone.

In a very thin talent pool, Coughlin may not have the highest upside or potential..but he knows the Eagles better than most..the way they play and how they need to play to be successful. He’s seen them at their highs..and their lows. This is a guy who has been in almost every situation in the NFL and still has more to give..I would much prefer a Coach who can come in and gain immediate respect and trust from his players, bringing a divided locker room together as opposed to a first timer who has to prove himself to the team, his players and the fans.

1) The Fix
What the Eagles need right now is a first aid kit. They need to patch the holes in what has otherwise been an exciting and dangerous team. From the receiving talent and Quarterback prowess to the drafting of Jordan Hicks and Pro Bowl year by Fletcher Cox..the Eagles had plenty of highs that were simply overshadowed by problems that Chip neglected to address.

When you look at the Giants draft’s clear Coughlin knows what he’s doing. Just look at some of the names he has brought into the NFL.
Landon Collins
Odell Beckham Jr
Reuben Randle
Prince Amukamara
Jason Pierre-Paul
Hakeem Nicks
Justin Tuck

How many of these players enjoyed huge rookie seasons or became household names within 3? All of them. Coughlin is a coach who addresses team needs perhaps better than any other coach in the NFL. He isn’t afraid to take a tackle in the first round and isn’t afraid of taking risks. The Eagles have some clear issues that need to be addressed and Tom Coughlin’s football IQ would surely not only solve them, but take this group of amazingly talented individuals and turn them into a playoff team once again. How? By focusing on the team needs, drafting smartly (sorry Marcus Smith), building relationships with players and enforcing a gritty playing style that embodies Philadelphia perfectly.