The surprising reason behind Coughlin’s withdrawal from Eagles HC candidacy

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There has been plenty of speculation over the past few hours as to why exactly  Tom Coughlin decided that he wasn’t the right fit for the Eagles Head Coaching position but according to a new had nothing to do with the reasons many speculated.

Well then. So it turns out that Tom Coughlin didn’t want to turn a new leaf completely and actually bring some of his previous staff to Philadelphia, something which understandably..the teams bitter divisional rivals were not prepared to let happen.

It appears as though the two teams were trying to outwit each other and with the Giants having more pieces it was easier for the G-Men to force the Eagles hand in the entire situation.

You have to feel that Lurie and the entire Eagles Front Office would be reluctant to let Shurmur and some of the other coaching staff go..but if you were to take on Coughlin, some extra help wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world. For instance if it was McAdoo or perhaps Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo that came over, he could learn under Coughlin, continue to develop for a few more years before being promoted when Coughlin does finally hang up his boots.

However, all of this is irrelevant now as Coughlin has withdrawn his name from candidacy which leaves the Eagles to pursue Doug Pederson as sources report..but as always for the latest updates, stay locked in.


photo credit: Ron Antonelli/Getty Images