Next three games could be the most crucial of Vinny Currys’ career


At the start of the season Curry was overlooked by some whilst touted to to have another 9 sack season by others, but the Eagles 2012 draft pick has been quiet this season until recent weeks where he has been an absolute terror for Offensive Lines to deal with..but will it be enough for the Eagles to re-sign him after his contract runs out at the end of this season?

If this question was pitched 4 weeks ago..the answer would have been an obvious no. After starting behind someone as dominant as Thornton, it was predictable that Curry would see a low snap count and after failing to set the world alight consistently or emerge as one of the NFL’s best statistical pass rushers (as he did last season) it almost seemed as if his fate was sealing itself. What wasn’t predictable however was his recent outburst.

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The snap counts average at around 30% per’s hardly enough time to make an impact…but in the last three games he has done.

The Eagles may have suffered a heavy blow after crashing out to Detroit but Curry enjoyed the opposite. Two sacks on Stafford and a lot of pressure on the Offensive Line saw people really begin to pay him some deserved attention. His two tackles against Miami just weeks before were almost forgotten until he made sure people remembered his name just two weeks later.

Against the Patriots the trend continued as Curry saw the most snaps he had all season, racking up 55. But perhaps more impressively? A man who is by no means guaranteed a roster spot next year…broke down the huddle and riled up his Defense.

The pressure was very impressive but in only managing one tackle, his snap count sank back down to 28 against the Bills.

Then came his most interesting game to date. With more Quarterback rushes than the amount of wins Dallas have all season, Curry looked fact he probably would have been..if it wasn’t for the 3729 holding calls that the refs evidently missed.

Now whether the refs were snapchatting, playing Smashy Road or even just checking the other NFL scores remains to be seen..but they missed a LOT of holding calls that would have only seen the Eagles Defense dominate even more.

The numbers might not reflect it..but Curry was an absolute weapon in yesterdays win and in my opinion had his best game as an Eagle. He did everything right, shut holes when needed and kept persistent pressure on Tyrod Taylor.

The final three games will surely be very indicative of whether we see Curry back in Midnight Green next year, but he has to be given the opportunity to prove he can shine..we have all seen how ruthless Kelly can be and it’s clear Curry is a talent for the future who has only gotten better since being drafted in 2012, finishing second in sacks for the Eagles last year. It just comes down to how long Kelly is willing to wait for him to emerge as an out and out starter.

If he does go into Free Agency, it’s clear Curry will be a terror and a leader of wherever he ends up and it could prove to be Kelly’s biggest mistake yet if he lets him walk..for that not to happen, Vinny Curry has got to keep up this level of performance and make sure his name is prominent in the minds of Kelly and Davis both on and off the field.