DeMarco Murray 100% wants to be an Eagle next year

A report surfaced earlier that once again sent the Eagles section of social media into meltdown as well as several Eagles specific websites.

The report, originally posted on Bleacher Report saw NFL Insider Jason Cole claim that DeMarco Murray wants to be cut by the Eagles so he can return to Dallas. This was nothing but pure speculation..but some of the big news sites took the story and ran with it..we on the other hand were a little more cautious

..why? Because this happened about an hour ago.

After being interviewed by the press, Murray claimed that:

  1. He DID indeed have a conversation with Jeffery Lurie and stated “Aren’t I allowed to talk to my boss?” before refusing to give details on what topics were discussed.
  2. That he DOES want to be an Eagles player next season and loves everything about the team.
  3. That he was naturally frustrated because the line were playing well and the other two backs were performing well.

That’s it..he isn’t going anywhere..there’s no absurd conspiracy theory about wanting to be closed..for now.