Kiko Alonso is hurting Eagles Pass Rush more than you might think


When The Eagles traded LeSean McCoy for linebacker Kiko Alonso many fans were sceptical about the move. But after a huge week one performance with an Odell-esque interception, #TheLegendOfKikoAlonso began. However since then the legend of Kiko Alonso has been nothing more than a myth.

Alonso suffered a knee injury a week letter that was considered a huge setback for the Eagles..luckily a certain linebacker named Jordan Hicks stepped up to the plate and filled the had almost forgotten about Alonso until he returned to face the Cowboys. His snaps were minimal as he worked his way back into the rotation and back up to full match fitness but as the weeks passed and the excuses ran thin, people started to wonder if the trade was really worth it.

Alonso returned and appeared to be a shadow of the Alonso we saw dominate in week 1. His reaction times seem slower, he’s far more hesitant and his decision making is almost non existent.

The clip above demonstrates all of those declining attributes. But how have his stats been affected?

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 16.28.12

As his snaps have seen a gradual increase since his return, the amount of tackles per game has failed to coincide with that pattern. Productivity has been very low with three of his six games this season seeing just one tackle and five seeing Alonso make less than five tackles.

Alonso was expected to be a dominant force this year and after his stunning debut, many people seemed to agree. But Alonso seems like a different player after his injury despite insisting he is at 100% and the knee is playing no role in his recent form.

Not only that but the Eagles have gone from one of the best run Defenses in the league to ranked 31st in the NFL. This can’t be blamed fully on Kiko Alonso but when you allow Doug Martin to rush for over 235 yards with Alonso playing in 38 total snaps, you have to connect the dots.

I have been saying for weeks that Bryan Braman needs a shot in this Defense. A sack on Drew Brees, an almost blocked punt and some huge special teams plays have certainly started a hype train but Chip is insistent that Alonso is the best fit for this Defense.

Whether it’s Braman, Curry, Smith, Goode, anyone. I appreciate that they may not be suited for the exact position but a huge part of Chip’s system is versatility and it’s something that has already been highlighted this season with Curry taking snaps at both DE and LB. If Alonso is struggling to stay afloat, leaving him out there to struggle and cost the team isn’t a sensible option..the exact same scenario occurred when Eric Rowe was left on Megatron island.

The real question is, if Jordan Hicks enters next season with the same momentum as he started this one with, just how much longer will Kiko Alonso be a prominent feature in the Defense? Would he still be needed? Will the legend of Kiko Alonso ever find a happy ending?

If Alonso fails to improve between now and the end of the season in arguably the most important final stretch of games in the last few seasons then it surely calls the entire trade into question.