“taken out of context” Adam Schefter sets the record straight


Last night NFL Reporter Adam Schefter managed to single handedly destroy the Eagles section of twitter..but not by his own doing. After appearing on a radio show to discuss Chip Kelly’s future, the station released an incorrect quote that sparked an explosion of articles all over the web.

Upon realising our mistake, we embedded the audio player so you could listen to the interview yourself and also clarified in all social media posts and the article itself that this was pure speculation…other sites, didn’t catch on so fast.

The result was a complete meltdown and today, Schefter joined the guys at 975 Mornings to set the record straight.

Hey, at least we didn’t post that…

thank you bae <3

An interesting development..

It’s funny the way things turn out right? Again, like we clarified last night the quotes of Schefter were pure speculation. But what we can gain from today is that whilst it’s speculation, it’s something he evidently stands by.

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