WATCH: Relive the Top 5 moments in Eagles vs Giants history

The Eagles head into Monday night hoping to repeat the dominant 27-0 win the team achieved this time last year over the New York Giants. The rivalry has been one of the most intense in Football with the games often ending in the most explosive ways. Here are our top 5 moments from the storied rivalry between the two NFC East rivals.

5. Miracle in the Meadowlands:
Ron Jaworski had thrown his third interception in the 1975 rivalry matchup as the Giants went into the closing stages with a five point lead. It looked all but over until a poor snap saw Herm Edwards pick up a loose ball after a fumble to score a game winning touchdown with just moments remaining.

4. Back in black:
Our most recent memory comes from just 12 months ago. With all black uniforms the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles went into the week 6 matchup with the Giants 4-1. They came out with a shutout to send fans roaring into the night. Some big plays from Connor Barwin helped the Defense sack Eli Manning eight times in a single game! 149 yards for LeSean McCoy and two touchdowns from Nick Foles saw the Giants not just beaten..but demolished and humiliated in front of the most passionate fans in the NFL.

3. A career born
There’s a thing about punt returns and the Meadowlands..and the 2003 season was no exception. Brian Westbrook took a bobbled punt in the fourth quarter and charged to the endzone for an 84 yard game winning touchdown that sparked an NFC East Division win, a nine game winning streak and the emergence of one of the most illustrated running backs in Eagles history.

2. Miracle in the Meadowlands II
Arguably number three depending on how you look at things, but for me this was the first comeback of this stature I had ever seen live. The Eagles came back from a 31-10 deficit in the fourth quarter to win in the most fitting of fashions. A DeSean Jackson punt return. After some swagger from the Eagles receiver pre-kick, taunting the Giants..he dropped the ball before scooping up, carving his way through pressure and sprinting along the endzone line to run out the clock and seal the deal for the birds as the game timer hit 0. An incredible moment that Eagles fans will never forget.

1. The hit 

The oldest moment in the book goes way back to 1960 and one of the most infamous two way players in history, Chuck Bednarik.

The Eagles took a 17-10 lead with the Giants desperately trying to draw level. As Frank Gifford ran up the field he was dropped in iconic fashion by Chuck..a hit that went down in history and created a photo that has made a moment echo through the ages.

The Eagles went on to win the game and then the NFC Championship. Gifford would miss the next two seasons of his career after Bednarik gave him an example of what passion it takes to play for Philadelphia.