A Birds Eye View: Day 5 of Eagles Training Camp

The grind is real for the Eagles as we approach the end of the first week in this years Training Camp. This is where the men get separated from the boys and today, that statement certainly rung true. Here’s everything you need to know from day 5!

Bradford’s’ brilliance

There isn’t a single doubt that this was Sam Bradford’s finest Training Camp performance to date. We have spoken previously about the growing chemistry between the former Ram and receiver Jordan Matthews. That was highlighted early on when the projected breakout star pulled off an over she shoulder catch and repeatedly as the passes came in flurries. Bradford’s placement was spot on as it remained for pretty much the entire day.  Perhaps one of the most reassuring signs of his performance came off of a small run. With the pocket collapsing and no options open, Bradford took off for a gain of four yards or so. It might not be a lot and he’s hardly Michael Vick, but the promising sign here is that there was no sign of hesitation or conservation. His accuracy and decision making skills were tried and tested today, he passed with flying colours.

No race for QB3

We called it before anyone else did, but todays performances further cemented our views on the current race for the third Quarterback spot. Matt Barkley showed the same flaws he has had his entire career, he’s a car with no engine. There’s no umph behind the throws, no drive. An interception from a tipped pass summed up his day. If that wasn’t enough, Lord Tebow utilised a pump fake to confuse a defender before completing the pass seconds later. An almost perfect shovel pass later on lit up the NovaCare complex and as Tebow Mania still tears its way through Philly, the renowned QB was still stealing spot lights with some great short bullet passes..Barkley has been laid out..but is he down for the count?

Matthews profits from wasteful Murray

Yep, it happened again. DeMarco Murray sat out yet another practice, handing over the first team reps to Ryan Matthews. The former Charger put in work and had some incredible burst’s through the trenches.


Jordan Matthews has arguably been the most impressive player in camp this far, if not then he’s definitely a contender for top 3. Every day sees him get better and better and as his relationship with Bradford strengthens, so does his eccentricity. He really began to excel when running routes over the middle today. From short passes to emphatic leaping attempts, JMatt has been nothing short of exceptional. The perfect scenario if you’re Chip Kelly. Plays which envision Matthews coming across the middle will allow the likes of the faster Austin and Agholor to outrun corners for the deep option.


 Everyone’s favourite kicker was on fire today when it came to field goal attempts. We expect nothing less, but one of his attempts came from beyond the 50 yard line..a promising sign when you consider that was one of his very very few weaknesses last season. If he can add just a tiny bit more strength in that leg to grind out 2-3 more yards consistently then the young Eagle may outperform Gotskowski this year.

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