How The Eagles’ week 5 win is IDENTICAL to the plot from “The Lord Of The Rings”

The Eagles week 5 win over New Orleans was quite the spectacle, but it wasn’t all pretty. In fact, when looking at the events of the game more resembles The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers in just about every sense…(minus the talking trees). Let me explain.

Before the game, Sam Bradford reportedly gathered his teammates in the showers and motivated them with a team talk.giphy

But before that, it was announced that both Kiko Alonso and Mychal Kendricks were going to be sidelined with injury..


Which lead three valiant heroes (Jordan Hicks, Malcolm Jenkins and Fletcher Cox) into an enormous battle..


The three then had to defend Lincoln Financial field from the evil forces of Sean Payton…tumblr_nvm5odATZw1uwh601o8_1280


To win this battle, they would need help from an army who could change the tide of battle..(the running backs)tumblr_mfnonftU0c1r2b3wjo3_250

Sam Bradford threw an interception before Drew Brees and the Saints struck first leaving Eagles fans like…


But in the second quarter, things began to change as the Defense began to run rampant, with Hicks forcing a fumble leaving the Offense in scoring position and the young Eagles rookie like…


Josh Huff stormed into the endzone for his first Eagles touchdown just moments later, front flipping with celebration…tumblr_myolzvCIxu1sq0a3ho1_500And then came the second half Offense…


Bradford found his rhythm and started firing darts down the field that resulted in two successive touchdowns…


Meanwhile, Fletcher Cox sacked Drew Brees three times….

tumblr_n94r7otDwH1rta9e3o7_500Malcolm Jenkins on the other hand was making tackles all over the field as the Linc roared whenever he brought someone down..


The Eagles had built up a huge lead and after the Defense fought through the darkness in the opening half, it was Sam Bradford who lead his Offense when it mattered most to turn the tide of battle…


After a stunning 39-17 win, Jenkins, Cox and Hicks began to discuss their tackles on the day…tumblr_n1fyelF2L61t1y086o1_500

And that’s how the Eagles win over the New Orleans Saints was identical to the plot of the second “The Lord Of The Rings” film. Who knows, we may even see a “return of the king” scenario when the Giants come to town for Monday Night Football….