A Birds Eye View: Day Two of Eagles Training Camp

Day two of Training Camp was one of mixed emotions. From surprises to disappointments, excitement to anxiety. We recapped the biggest stories as we get ready for day three.


The Eagles lack of depth in the Linebacker position was hurt even more earlier today when Travis Long tore his ACL for the second year in a row. It now sees 2014 draft pick and the widely regarded as over-hyped Marcus Smith in the running to take the third spot behind Barwin and Graham. The first injury of Training Camp was definitely a surprise, especially seeing as it was the same leg he had injured last season. It will be interesting to see how the battles for the position develop.

Murray’s healthy

There were some slight doubts about the health of former Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray after he failed to take a single snap during yesterdays practice. Those anxieties were put to rest as the NFL’s leading rusher last year as he came out and told the press that he had no injuries before taking part in practice. It was Kelly’s decision to keep him out of 11-on-11 yesterday, possibly due to just how demanding the sessions are and because he wants to condition his players. Whatever the reason, Murray is perfectly healthy and there is no need to worry!

Tebow Time!

It may well be imminent. Tim Tebow caught most of the media attention today after a sensational training session. We reported a few days ago that the battle for the third string spot may already be over..our views seem to be setting in stone more and more each day. Unofficially, Tebow threw 11 for 14 without an interception. But various reporters have noted his accuracy and precision on complex passes..an attribute that definitely limited his credentials when searching for a team over the last two seasons. He even took off on a play during one stage, leaving those in attendance purring for more!


First it was #Ertzford but it appears a new bromance is brewing. A sizzling connection between Sam Bradford and Jordan Matthews seems to be the centre of attention in the opening sessions. The now fully healthy seems to target Matthews in the majority of snaps as Jordan looks almost certain to take the number one receiver role. Sunday saw that gorgeous slow-mo vine, today sees more of the same and throws into coverage.

Vine Star!

Fletcher Cox was todays Vine Star as he showcased his sheer strength in eyebrow raising fashion, lifting up the 111kg Najee Good into the air like he was a bag of sugar..Cox, understandably is going to cause havoc this season! Don’t believe us? Check this out!


With day three jsut around the corner, it will be interesting to see if Tebow can further impress and maybe even pose a threat to the Sanchize. Keep an eye out for Nelson Agholor and JaCorey Shepherd tomorrow, two of the new boys who will almost certainly turn a few camera lenses! Follow us on @PhiladelphiaSN for all the latest news and check back tomorrow for another summary!