Andrew Gardner could miss remainder of 2015 season

The Eagles took their first victory of the season with a 24-17 win over the New York Jets, but the team lost in other areas. Guard Andrew Gardner left the game early on and was sidelined until the final snap.

It has been reported that Gardner suffered a Lisfranc injury (A foot injury where one or more of the metatarsal’s are displaced from the tarsus.) that could keep him sidelined until the end of the season according to Howard Eskin’s report.

Matt Tobin was the next man up for the Eagles and stood in for Gardner, putting in a solid effort. Tobin is no stranger to this team and will presumably take over duties at the RG position after starting the opening run of games last year before Gardner took the starting role and made it his own.

This is the one injury that could haunt the Eagles more than any so far this season. With the Offensive Line showing huge weaknesses in the opening two games before coming back strong against the Jets, there is still a lot of uncertainty over how productive it will be over the course of a full season.