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An open letter to Eagles fans: We’re a family.

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The initial 24 hours after a game are always interesting, especially after a loss. Today, Cody Parkey has been shamed nationally on the cover of a newspaper and been the subject of disturbing and malicious tweets from so called “fans”. This article is to not only to defend Parkey and explain why he isn’t to blame for the loss, but to discourage these kind of actions in the future.

To start with, the kick itself was rushed. Chip Kelly spent so long deciding on whether to attempt the field goal or not that by the time the six man unit got onto the field, Parkey had run through his pre-kick routine and lined up to attempt the 3 pointer, there were just five seconds left on the clock. It’s not an excuse, but it certainly doesn’t help matters.

Sam Bradford perhaps summed it up better than anyone by essentially saying that if the team had converted on 3rd & short then the situation would never have taken place. The team were stuffed with one yard to go and Kelly couldn’t see a way through. With three easy points and a lead up for grabs it made sense to play the conservative game knowing you may well see the ball again and have the momentum to drive down the field and score to close the game.

Every kicker misses field goals. Nobody is perfect and Cody Parkey had a great rookie season, a pro-bowl rookie season. But he also suffered a groin injury in pre-season, one that we’re still unsure he’s recovered fully from. Reports state that Parkey was holding the muscle after the there still an underlying issue? Regardless of the answer, every kicker will miss occasionally. If Parkey showed the (lack of) consistency of Akers then nobody would mention it. Nobody would slate him and he certainly would not have to bear the teams loss on his shoulders alone in the national press. But because he started out so well, the world expects nothing but perfection and unfortunately that’s life. There were so many other factors that contributed to that loss. Without getting into detail as these have been/will be explained in articles:

  1. The Offense should have been more prominent sooner
  2. The Defense should have been much more conservative when marking Julio to avoid digging the hole
  3. The Eagles overall should have been much more composed as to avoid penalties
  4. The referees should have done a much better job officiating the matchup
  5. Chip Kelly needed to be more adventurous.
  6. Matthews should have made that final catch (again, debatable)

These are just a few other factors that contributed to the Eagles loss. There’s no particular aspect that cost the Eagles a win on Monday, there were too many holes in the pipe and the pipe exploded.

Cody Parkey should not have to be subjected to tweets which involve death threats and demoralising insults. Telling a player to die/commit suicide/inform him that his city hates him and telling them quit their job etc just because they missed one field goal? Words hurt. Parkey is still young at 23 and with his name being all over the media today, the last thiScreen Shot 2015-09-16 at 03.37.11ng he needs is his personal phone being blown up with abuse. We’re human, we make mistakes. Whilst it may seem like a “funny” idea to send a “harmless” tweet, you have no idea how personally the player is going to take it. A lot of people in this world suffer with mental health problems, from depression to anxiety. Comments like that could carry a lot of weight and ruin a career. It’s times like these fans should be offering their support to Cody Parkey, telling him they believe in him and that he can move on from this.
We’re from Philadelphia and yes we have a reputation. But we’re not classless. Sometimes we let the passion get the better of us. Please just be sure to pass this on and ensure that we retain dignity, class and respect for ourselves and the players we root for in a minimum of 16 games a year. We’re more than just fans in this city, we’re a family. So let’s act like one.

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  • Fran Underwood says:

    Man . how do you come off like you know anything about Philadelphia football? You are not from here. You don’t know a damn thing about being an Eagles Fan. You’re a 20 year old kid from the UK. Just because you can buy a domain and you have a laptop it doesn’t make you a Eagles Fan worthy of anything. Syou can take your pussy ass whiny article and shove it up your ass.

    • Liam Jenkins says:

      Because it’s my passion. I might not walk on the same streets, I might not sit next to you in the stands and I may be young. But that doesn’t mean I do not share the same fire you do. That I don’t know the same facts you do, that I don’t share the same opinions as you or love our team as much as you. I’m working my ass off for this site, so I can hopefully get out to Philadelphia to live and earn a living writing about the team I love. It’s a dream. A dream I want to become a reality. I’ve written over 500 articles for this site now, I run home on my breaks from work to create content, I stay up until 5AM researching and writing ideas down. Don’t undermine me. I don’t share the culture you’re right…that doesn’t mean my opinion is any less valid.

  • Mister__Crowley says:

    You’re not from Philadelphia. Or else you’d see that this backlash is nothing compared to what Mitch Williams received from Phillies fans in 1993, and even Eric Lindros and the Legion of Doom when they were swept by the Red Wings in 1996.

    Cody Parkey is a big boy making plenty of money, he doens’t need some random millennial to white knight him.

  • Bryan Gill Sr says:

    Codys treatment is exactly the cause of why were considered the worst fans in football. A few clowns making statements or applauding other teams injuries or throwing batteries out of a million decent fans distracts and takes away from what are the most passionate Eagle loving fans. Who’s money and devotion to there team make us in my opinion the best fans in football. So….Cody, don’t sweat it buddy your our guy ! One kick doesn’t change that! Go Birds!

  • Pat M says:

    He should have never been asked to make that kick, 2 and a half minutes left is too much time in the modern NFL….a field goal was never the answer.

  • Michelle D says:

    Great article, football is a game that I am sure Cody Parkey is working his ass off to be better at everyday. Question for the overreacting people what are you working on yourself to be better at in your life and work? When was the last time your flaws were exposed for the world and you reacted by working hard to fix them? When was the last time you made a mistake or offended someone and they encouraged you to go kill yourself? Words have meaning and it scares me to think grown adults are telling a young man to kill himself , let’s earn our thank you video they show at the end of the season. Let’s show that young man that he is safe in our village and he can be free to do his job, he is darn good at it! As a fan I am asking for a do over, I know we can do better. Fly Eagles Fly!

  • Carey I says:

    I agree wholeheartedly and the bottom line is that the kicker position has become a concern. Nobody deserves to be told to die because he missed a field goal during a freaking football game. Anyone that has told him to go commit suicide I would fully bet my life that they couldn’t do what Parkey does for a living.

    • Debby kyryluk says:

      People need to ease up some of the things said are unbelievable and unwarranted ! It’s week one get a grip and support you team EAGLES ALL THE WAY . No negativity is wanted nor needed !

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