Eagles sign 10 players to Practice squad

After a hectic few days, one of the final pieces in the roster chess game has been completed. The Eagles announced under an hour ago that they had re-signed ten players who recently suffered cuts  for their practice squad. The names of whom are listed below.

G Brett Boyko
DB Randall Evans
G Malcolm Bunche
WR Freddie Martino
DE Brian Mihalik
RB Raheem Mostert
TE Chris Pantale
WR Quron Pratt
S Ed Reynolds
LB Deontae Skinner

The big names to watch out for here for Eagles fans are Raheem Mostert and Ed Reynolds. Both players looked great in camp and for the Eagles to keep hold of such a talented running back is an encouraging sign. The running back unit this season is going to be tested, it’s going to get tough and it may sustain some injuries during the course of the season. Having Mostert in the backfield ready to step up is perhaps the best possible scenario for the Eagles after an electric performance against the Jets. Many expected the running back to be snapped up by one of the other 31 teams in the NFL, the Eagles have had a huge stroke of luck in being able to assign him to the practice squad.