BREAKING: Eagles trade Matt Barkley to Cardinals

After much speculation, and being listed for months, the deal has been completed. Eagles Quarterback Matt Barkley is reported to have been traded to the Cardinals.

The returns of the trade are as many expected, nothing more than a late round pick (conditional 7th round pick). For the birds, it’s a huge sign that Tim Tebow is set to make the final 53 whilst for the Cardinals perhaps a worrying sign as to how bad things are looking in the backup Quarterback position.

The birds had been trying for at least two years to trade the USC product and it’s debatable that his recent improved form saw his stock rise on the trade market. The Eagles played the long game, but it may just have paid off.

In his career in Philadelphia, Barkley had a 60% pass completion and threw for no regular season touchdowns and four interceptions.

This also brings the roster down to 61, meaning that just 8 more cuts have to be made before tomorrow.