Bradford to find out if he starts, day before the game

Chip Kelly announced last week that Sam Bradford would not start against the Colts but should indeed be active against the Ravens this Saturday. But no news has come from he NovaCare complex regarding who is going to walk out onto the field as a Quarterback.

According to the Eagles head coach, the decisions of who’s going to be playing on Saturday will come tomorrow..the day before the game.

This could be both a blessing and a curse. Sam Bradford has looked electric all training camp and that didn’t change when the Ravens came to town for a joint practice. He earned the praise of Kelly who was quoted as saying that his replacement for Nick Foles did “a real nice job” in the first of the two team’s joint practices.

So knowing that Kelly has complete confidence in his QB, this could be completely irrelevant. Sam Bradford SHOULD get the start against Baltimore, it’s widely expected and it is after all what Chip Kelly stated last week. However, if Chip changes his mind less than 24 hours before the game it isn’t going to install confidence or trust in his team. Bradford has already shown his upset when it came to not getting the start last weekend so to find out the day before the game that he will be sidelined again would infuriate him.

 We hope it won’t come to that and in all honesty it really shouldn’t. But it would have been nice to see Chip Kelly make some sort of confirmation to reassure the players and the fans that Sam Bradford will be playing against the Ravens. It would also put to bed the circulating health rumours that neigh sayers are so persistent on starting.

The same can be said for DeMarco Murray though, only the former Cowboys Running Back has been a lot less active in camp. He looked good on Wednesday and has said he hopes to start on Saturday, his fate will also be unveiled tomorrow when Chip makes his announcement. The Murray start could be a lot more important and insightful though. We know that Bradford is healthy and we know he has lit up practice on numerous occasions. Murray however has been rested a lot and didn’t see game time on Sunday. With rumours of his health also doing the rounds, an absence on Saturday may only increase the speculation that there is a deeper problem with last years rushing leader.

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