Why Boykin to the Steelers makes perfect sense

Just when you think you’ve seen it all..Brandon Boykin has been traded to the Steelers in exchange for a conditional fifth round 2016 draft pick.

The Steelers have a secondary that’s in a transitional period and the trade makes huge sense for them. Boykin will be starting in a role where he will flourish in a team that desperately needs his skillset.

Boykin was by far the best Eagles cornerback last season and became arguably one of the most productive in the league, this is where the confusion lies.

 However, there isn’t much to be confused about. Kelly has already been critical about Boykin’s height and both himself and Billy have proved that they were looking toward their future..and Boykin was not a part of it. Instead of letting him go on a free a the end of the year, whilst it’s only a 5th round pick, it’s something and the Steelers get a solid player at a position they need. real Chip rebuild..

The Eagles have completely transformed their secondary and with Boykin expressing constant desire for a role outside of the slot, the move puts the icing on the cake. NFL Insider Ian Rapoport has reported that the Eagles have been handed offers for the 25-year-old for months. If he had stayed on the roster, the chances of Boykin becoming a free agent at the end of the year would have sky rocketed. It may well have been a case of cash in whilst you can.

For Eagles fans, it’s a sign of confidence in their secondary. The likes of Eric Rowe who was picked up in the draft was not anticipated to start, but perhaps Chip Kelly knows something we don’t..

The trade sees the end of a three year career at the Linc for Boykin. starting in six games, he made seven interceptions with six of those coming the season before last.

Thank you for everything, Brandon.