WATCH: Tim Tebow takes training to a whole new level

It’s no surprise to NFL fans just how hard Tebow works in the off-season. In fact it would be pretty hard to find a player with a deeper work ethic than the Eagles Quarterback..but this..this is something else.

At least if he doesn’t make the roster, he will have no problems in the bedroom department..

Of course this isn’t the first time we have seen the unrelenting work ethic of Tim Tebow. Even with two years away from the league, it didn’t stop the former Bronco from working harder than an Ox!

Even when he was in the league he took it up a notch and a half!

There is no doubting the University of Florida product’s work rate. The question is, can he make that same impression in the next few days when training camp starts to earn his spot on the 53 man roster?