Phillies cause upset in 3-2 win over Blue Jays

Having won 8 of their last 9 coming into the showdown with one of the most prolific teams in the league right now, there was always the chance of an upset. Especially seeing as the Jays were without Reyes and Tulowitzki was listed as doubtful.

No matter the odds, it seemed unlikely that the Phillies would pick off a win in Toronto against a team at a 50-50 record, but that’s exactly what happened.

Things didn’t start off too well as rookie Adam Morgan gave up a homer in the first and then another run just an inning later. But then he went four scoreless innings and now has an ERA over four in his six starts. One step back, two steps forward..a strange formula but strangely working for the Phils.

After being down by two, the Phillies charged back to a 3-2 win. They now sit at 9-1 since the All-Star break..which is strangely a franchise record for their most successful ever start to the remainder of the season. What a contrast, after looking like the worst team in franchise history to grace the field, they’re now matching streak records..and on a five win streak overall.

With Papelbon gone however, it meant that Ken Giles became the new closer. Both Gomez and Luis Garcia set him up perfectly going scoreless as Giles scored his second ever save. 

The runs for the travelling team all came at once with a single and three doubles coming one after the other in the fifth. Ryan Howard kicked things off with a single before Ruf, Cody Asche and Andres Blanco all doubled. 

Whilst elated, the tougher challenge will be maintaining this form against a team who are now presumably very annoyed in the final game of the series tonight.