Jonathan Papelbon traded to Washington Nationals

Reports from Fox Sports have just come in that former Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon has been traded to the Washington Nationals and will sign for 2016. What the Phils are getting in return however remains unknown. (Check back for updates)

Whilst still undisclosed by the team, it appears that Jonathan will indeed have his wish granted to pitch for a contending team. Having said that he would only accept a deal if it saw him being the Closing pitcher, it will see the impressive Drew Storen move down to a setup role, which may not be permanent whilst Ken Giles taking the reigns of ninth inning duties for the Phillies from here on out.

The Phillies are now free of the daunting $13 million 2016 vesting option and the rebuild process is very much well underway. Whilst Papelbon has been great in his time at Citizens Bank Park, it made a lot of sense to trade him. The Nats lacked serious depth at the position and the Phillies would want to cash in whilst the value was still there.

In his 37 appearances for the Phils, Papelbon 17 saves to his name. Over the course of his 11 year career,he has earned six All-Star call-ups. But not all of his success was in Philly, it was the Red Sox who gave him such an intimidating reputation that he then carried to the Phils.