Who is the most indispensable Eagle?

This off-season has seen more crazy moves than an episode of Dancing with the stars and plenty of new talent to get at excited about, but here at Philly Sports Network we wanted to ask a question. Just who is the most important player to the Philadelphia Eagles?

There are a lot of contenders depending on the way you view the team. It would be easy to put the tag on Sam Bradford due to the magnitude of the trade or DeMarco Murray due to his numbers and the boots he’s filling.

How do you determine the most indispensable player on a roster? Not just by looking at numbers. But by looking at Their heart. Their passion. Their character. Their leadership. The ability to make a play when the team are down by 20-30 points and single handedly move momentum back onto your team. There are very few who possess not just the qualities of a fantastic player, but a natural born leader and a player adored by the city he plays for.

We’re giving the title to Connor Barwin. Ranked number 58 in the NFL’s top 100 players, Barwin played over 1,000 snaps in the 2014 season, averaging a minimum of 50 per game. Having made his first Pro Bowl last year, Barwin was so dependable and consistent that he was often overlooked. If someone is consistently great, when an amazing performance comes in then there isn’t much hype as it’s the norm. If someone like Sanchez threw for 5 TD’s and no INT’s it would be praised for weeks to come.

Barwin lead the entire NFC last year with 14.5 sacks. Even when he doesn’t get to the QB, he makes an impact by dominating the running game. Leaping up over the O-Line to swat passes and block the Quarterbacks vision and sheer ruthlessness when it comes to shedding blocks. Don’t believe us? Check out his highlights from the year below.

Barwin may be the most intimidating man in the Eagles defence, but has the heart of a Lion. He does so much charity work in the off-season that it’s truly touching. He participated in a Football ProCamp for youngsters and inspired them to take their games to the next level. A man of respect, honour and love, Connor Barwin is always #Barwinning. A player that is truly going to elevate the Eagles team this year.

For all of those reasons, we are giving him the title of the most indispensable player. Barwin belongs in Philly, and is always a threat when it comes to rushing the Quarterback. Byron Maxwell and Thurmond may be great signings and could launch the Defense to a new level. But without the help of Barwin, their job would be a million times harder.

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