How one team could make or break the Eagles season

It’s no secret that the Eagles have a relatively easy schedule on paper. In terms of teams you’d expect to see compete in the play-offs this season, the birds have it relatively easy. However, there’s one team that has a huge question mark hovering over them, and what’s worse is..we have to play them twice.

The Washington Redskins could well be the team that seals the Eagles playoff fate. Don’t all jump the gun at once and bring out the pitch forks, just hear us out.

For the second year running, the birds will face their divisional rivals in Week 16 of the regular season. It’s a showdown that will likely carry playoff implications for the birds but for Washington, it’s once again going to be a game of no consequence, but one of bragging rights..and with a rivalry so will be a game they will want to win out of spite. You can never predict a rivalry game, they often carry some of the greatest memories in sport which is what makes this even more intense.

With the failed improvement of 2012 draft prodigy Robert Griffin III, the team aren’t in the strongest of positions right with such an uncertain future and a probable finish at the bottom of the NFC East, there’s nothing they’d love more than to end the season with a win over the Eagles..just like they did in 2014.

For the Eagles, it’s personal. Ever since this happened, every Eagles fan from every corner of the globe has a sour taste in their mouth and a desperate to put our old number 10 in his place..

Depending on what happens with the Redskins, this may well tell the future of Jay Gruden. Quite simply, depending on how the season goes, it could become a must-win game for both teams..