Phillies sink to worst form since early 2000’s

A bad run looks set to continue for a rebuilding Phillies team as the team fell further into a tricky season on Sunday afternoon with a 4-1 loss to the Colorado Rockies. 22,166 fans were in attendance and you have to feel like 15,000 booed when Colorado reliever Brooks Brown escaped a bases-loaded situation with 11 pitches in the bottom of the seventh inning.

The Phils head into today without a fixture but also without a win in a long time. Last nights defeat marks a season-high 14 games under .500. Records suggest that the team haven’t been this bad since early 2000. As it goes, they tied with the Cubs that year for the worst record in the National League..a prediction that many have shouted about this season. But where does the blame lie?

To put it bluntly, The Phillies’ offense has been abysmal as of late with just four runs in the last four games. In fact, in Colorado’s three game sweep, they outscored the Phils 13-4. If that’s not shocking enough, the team have been held to two or fewer runs in 22 of their last 52 games. Speaking of numbers, the Phillies have been held to two or fewer runs in 22 of 52 games whilst having 21 at bats during this series and gaining just one hit..which didn’t score a run.

This sweep wasn’t just a sweep. It was an all out assault. A statement. They out-homered the Phils, 8-1. with the Phil’s drawing three runs in the entire series. If there was ever a series to highlight the major flaws with the’s this one.

On the flip side, Jerome Williams was the man who took the loss Sunday. In seven starts last month, he went 1-4 with a 6.62 ERA..impressive…right?…

Ben Revere was a talking point during the weekend also having never faced Rockies pitcher, Brown. Brown threw the veteran three changeups making him swing through all of the three. The best and perhaps only chance to get back in the game was washed away in an instant. The fans, understandably booed defiantly, which seemed to really hit home with Revere who looks to rebound from this on Tuesday.

So the losing streak continues, the disappointment continues and a terrible season beckons. Is this truly going to be the worst season in Phillies history? Are there any signs of redemption? Is there any way we can somehow turn this season around and make it somewhat tolerable…we will answer all of these questions very shortly. Something has to be done, and it needs to be done quickly.

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