Ranking the top 10 most critical Eagles players going into next year -#4

The list is rapidly coming to a close as we evaluate the biggest Eagles prospects going into next season.

Our next entrant may be our most demolishing yet, veteran Left Tackle Jason Peters.

The Left tackle is generally seen as the key position on the offensive line, every team needs someone dominant and strong to protect the blindside of the Quarterback and the Philadelphia Eagles boast dominant one in Jason Peters.

So why is Peters important? If protecting the blindside is so important to every team, how imperative is it going to be for Sam Bradford who has a worrying Injury record. If Bradford gets attacked from the blindside enough then there is a significant worry that the Eagles are going to find old demons in their new signing.

Peters may be over 30 but his production is still among the best in the league. At 6″4 and over 320 pounds, Peters is a weapon of mass destruction. His sheer dominance earned him a third AP first-team All-Pro selection and seventh Pro Bowl honor in 2014.

Jason is also a born leader for the line and the offense as whole. For a man of Jason’s size to be so athletic is inspiring in its own right, but when Peters stands up to make a bold statement as he did against Washington last year, it would fire up people who don’t even like football it’s that powerful! It’s raw, passionate, aggressive, ruthlessness that defines Peters. His leadership quality amongst his impressive numbers and numerous awards tout him as one of the key pieces to the Eagles playoff charge this year.