Miserable weekend topped with a 5-2 loss to the Devils

Adam Henrique’s sixth two-goal game in his career,partnered with three unanswered goals over the second and third periods and terrible penalty killing lifted the New Jersey Devils to a 5-2 win over a damaged Flyers team.

Henrique scored his first goal in the last third of the first period before Ryan White tied it after Luke Schenn struck for goal but found White who tipped it in.

Two special teams goals from the Devils in the second period really stopped the Play Off Parade from moving forward. A Gelinas power play goal gave them a 3-1 lead with 20 minutes to play. Henrique got his second of the game at when a rare 2 on 0 opportunity occurred with Steve Bernier presented itself. An opportunity he was never going to miss. The lead increased to 4-1, effectively putting a nail in the coffin.

Despite saving 16 of 21 shots, Steve Mason was unable to get his first career win over the Devils but still put in a solid performance, keeping the Flyers in the game at times.

The loss isn’t just upsetting because it’s two in a row, nor because it’s coming off of the Boston loss. It’s another nail in the coffin in the Flyers Playoff hopes. A coffin that’s getting increasingly more difficult to open. The Flyers now sit seven points behind them for the Eastern Conference’s final playoff spot, and would still have to hop over Ottawa and Florida to get there.

Philadelphia host the Stars on Tuesday before heading out on the road again, in a game where any loss of points may just seal the fate for post season hockey.