A Dream Come True: Local prospect Jack Page opens up on his experience at Flyers Development Camp


Jack Page, a left-handed defenseman from Boston University, was a camp invite to this year’s Flyers development camp. He is the son of John Page, a former president of the Wells Fargo Center who has held numerous leadership roles in the sports entertainment industry. Thanks to his father’s connections, the 22-year-old was personally invited by Flyers general manager Danny Briere to attend the camp, a unique opportunity that not many get to experience.

Jack Page finds his footing at Flyers Development Camp

The defenseman was ear-to-ear smiling when he shared how this was a dream come true for him, given that he’d been a Flyers fan his whole life. Just like many fans can say one of the best memories in recent times was coming back from being down 3-0 against the Boston Bruins in the 2010 playoffs, that was also the same for Page.

The West Chester native is soaking in every moment of this incredible experience. Page’s effort was notable as he exceeded his best efforts on all camp drills. To be a camp invite doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be invited back for training camp, but it is a more challenging path. At the very least, Page was able to spend time with an organization close to his heart and prove he can hang with some of the most exciting prospects on the team. While Oliver Bonk and Hunter McDonald were the stars on defense during this camp, Page held his own with his edge work and physicality.

Page’s gratitude towards the Flyers organization was palpable. His invitation to the camp was a testament to the organization’s recognition of local talent and their willingness to provide opportunities to those who have been putting in great efforts, like Page at Boston University.

Photo Credit: Haley Taylor-Simon