Three wings the Sixers could take in the 2024 NBA Draft

Miami guard Matthew Cleveland looks to shoot the ball while being defended by Colorado forward Tristan da Silva (23) during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game in the NABC Brooklyn Showcase, Sunday, Dec. 10, 2023, in New York.AP Photo/John Jones

With the 16th pick in this year’s NBA draft, the Sixers are expected to trade the pick as they did back in 2022; however, there are plenty of options available for the team to choose from if they do keep the pick. With their two stars aligned, they are in need of some help on the wing to round out the roster as they build a contender. Here are three wings the Sixers could target in the coming draft:

Tristan Da Silva

Da Silva is a 6’8 do-it-all wing from Colorado who can make an impact on any team and in virtually any scheme. He has been mocked in different spots between the mid to late teens and early twenties, often to the Sixers. Last season, He averaged 16 points per game in what was his senior year while also shooting 39.5 percent from the three-point line.

For the Sixers, he has a chance to step right in and make an immediate impact as a graduating senior who can space the floor for Embiid and Maxey. He also is a good cutter and has the ability to finish with both hands in traffic.

The Colorado forward can handle the ball and can make some good passes as well providing some weak side playmaking if the clock is running low during a possession. His length allows him to be a player who can defend multiple positions and can make a difference on or off the ball.

If he’s available at 16, don’t be surprised if the Sixers take him to add to the roster and help have a cost-controlled contributor for the long haul.

Ryan Dunn

Dunn is an athletic all-around defender who jumps out on tape on that side of the court. He can guard one-on-one, disrupt passing lanes, rim-protect, and hit the glass. He can grow into the type of defender who can be put on the best perimeter player and make a difference for his team. That type of defense presence is something the Sixers need to help take pressure off of Joel Embiid patrolling the paint.

He has limitations on offense outside of finishing at the rim. He shot 20 percent from three-point range in college and only took about one attempt per game. Due to his lack of touch from the outside, in the NBA teams would definitely leave him open and double on drives or when Embiid has the ball on the block. He would have to really put some work in on his shot in order to grab consistent minutes in the NBA or with the Sixers.

Dunn could be selected in the second round for the Sixers and spend some time in the G League to develop his offensive skills.

Nikola Đurišić

Đurišić could be a draft and stash for the Sixers in the second round, as they would more than likely try to fill out their roster with veteran players who can help the team compete for a championship right now. He is a wing who plays in Serbia and is a 6’7 ball-handling wing. He’s a crafty player who has the moves to create shots for himself and can definitely play make for others.

Down the line, he can project to the type of ballhandling wing that could help take pressure off Tyrese Maxey, but he isn’t anywhere near a polished product. He’s a streaky shooter and needs to be much more consistent if he is going to make a difference in the NBA. If the Sixers want to try to strike for the future, they could take Đurišić with the 41st pick in the second round.