MLS Fantasy Preview: Double-Gameweek 15 Player Picks and Tips

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A pretty solid MLS game-week 14 for me! 80 points for a week rank of 396, which moved me up 93 places to make my overall rank 903. It was a difficult week for almost everyone, so I’m pretty happy with my score and progress this week, even if I still had some misses. Let’s check out what went right and what went wrong in GW14.

Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union

What Went Right

I said going into MLS GW14 that clean sheets were going to be near impossible to find, and then I went and got a clean sheet from each of my defenders – Kai Wagner (7), Bird Risa (7), and Andrew Privett (8). Evander’s 11, Ryan Guald’s 12, and Riqui Puig’s 13 were all really solid picks as well, though I did put the armband on the one that scored the least of those 3 (Evander).

Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union

What Went Wrong

Almost everyone else didn’t really work out like I had hoped. Alex Bono got a 3 in the early game so I decided to run John McCarthy as my keeperoo, but he also got a 3. Lucho Acosta also got a 3 which was disappointing as it was his lowest score of the season, but I had thought about captaining him so I’m feeling a bit thankful for that. None of my forwards hit, 0 for 3 in MLS last week.

Denis Bouanga had just 2 points in the early slot, and I decided to run Jonathan Rodriguez as Hans Wolf only scored 4 points on my bench, but Rodriguez only scored 3 points. And my biggest miss of the week? Benteke’s 0 points in a full 90 minutes played. Yikes.

Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union

MLS Housekeeping

if you didn’t know, it’s another big MLS double-game week. Not every team is doubling, and not every team plays. Columbus is on a buy, so target them for your Autoroos, Switcheroos, and Keeperoos.

FC Cincinnati, New England Revolution, NYCFC, San Jose Earthquakes, Seattle Sounders, and St Louis City SC are the teams playing only 1 game in GW15. Inter Miami, LAFC, New York Red Bulls, and Philadelphia Union are the only teams playing double-home MLS games in GW15.

Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union

MLS Fantasy Picks


– Oliver Semmle – $4.8m – VS TOR, VS MTL
-Carlos Coronel – $5.9m – VS CLT, VS ORL
-Drake Callender – $6.6m – VS ATL, VS STL
-Hugo Lloris – $7.2m – VS MIN, VS DAL
-Kristijan Kahlina – $7.8m – @ NYRB, @ ATL
-Brad Stuver – $8.1m – VS POR, @ RSL


-Kai Wagner – $10.2m – VS TOR, VS MTL
-Adilson Malanda – $8.2m – @ NYRB, @ ATL
-Noah Eile – $6.2m – VS CLT, VS ORL
-Omar Campos – $6.1m – VS MIN, VS DAL
-Maya Yoshida – $10m – VS DAL, @ CHI
-Walker Zimmerman – $6.9m – @ CIN, VS NE
-Tomás Avilés – $6.5m – VS ATL, VS STL


-Riqui Puig – $14.4m – VS DAL, @ CHI
-Evander – $13m – @ ATX, VS HOU
-Daniel Gazdag – $11.4m – VS TOR, VS MTL
-Ryan Gauld – $12.2m – @ SKC, VS COL
-Lewis Morgan – $11m – VS CTL, VS ORL
-Matias Rojas – $8.2m – VS ATL, VS STL
-Cristian Olivera – $9.8m – VS MIN, VS DAL
-Robin Lod – $11.5m – @ LAFC, VS SKC
-Sebastian Driussi – $9.4m – VS POR, @ RSL


-Lionel Messi – $14.5m – VS ATL, VS STL
-Luis Suarez – $13.6 – VS ATL, VS STL
-Denis Bouanga – $14.4m – VS MIN, VS DAL
-Julián Carranza – $10m – VS TOR, VS MTL
-Gabriel Pec – $10.7m – VS DAL, @ CHI
-Cristian Arango – $14.7m – @ SEA, VS ATX


-Lionel Messi – $14.5m – VS ATL, VS STL
-Evander – $13m – @ ATX, VS HOU
-Riqui Puig – $14.4m – VS DAL, @ CHI
-Daniel Gazdag – $11.4m – VS TOR, VS MTL

Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union

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