Eagles rookie jersey numbers revealed: Jeremiah Trotter Jr. takes on his Father’s old number

FILE – Clemson linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Jr. (54) reacts during an NCAA college football game against North Carolina Saturday, Nov. 18, 2023, in Clemson, S.C. Jeremiah Trotter Jr. wears his dad’s No. 54, plays the same position and celebrates sacks and big tackles with the same signature axe swing. (AP Photo/Jacob Kupferman, File)

The Philadelphia Eagles started their Friday morning with some good vibes, revealing the jersey numbers for their rookie class of 2024.

Eagles rookie jersey numbers revealed

There are a few takeaways here, but perhaps the most important is that Jeremiah Trotter Jr. will be wearing the same number his Father once did en route to his Eagles’ Hall of Fame career.

Elsewhere, first-round selection Quinyon Mitchell was given #39 which is hardly the most attractive number in the world for a DB. The last Eagles defender to wear this number was Justin Evans.

Ravi Punn, right, of Baynes + Baker, adjusts the collar on Toledo cornerback Quinyon Mitchell during a final suit fitting for the NFL football draft, Thursday, April 25, 2024 in Detroit. (AP Photo/Mike Householder)

Cooper DeJean is in a similar boat, although 33 does feel a lot more DB’esque. However, the Eagles quickly noted below the tweet that the numbers are subject to change, which might well be hinting at some late offseason departures, and opening up some more appealing jersey numbers along with them.

Jalyx Hunt is given a true linebacker number, which should tell us all we need to know about how he’s viewed. As mentioned in my breakdown recently, he was likely drafted for his athleticism and fluidity in coverage as opposed to his pass-rushing ability.

The O-line numbers look solid, Will Shipley becomes the first offensive player since Byron Marshall to take on #39, and Johnny Wilson just feels like a tight end at this point.

Which rookie jerseys will you be buying this season?

AP Photo/Jacob Kupferman, File