Rhys Hoskins thinks Phillies fans will boo him in return to Citizens Bank Park

Phillies Rhys hoskins
Milwaukee Brewers’ Rhys Hoskins yells toward New York Mets’ Jeff McNeil as benches cleared during the eighth inning of a baseball game Friday, March 29, 2024, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

When the Philadelphia Phillies host the Milwaukee Brewers for a series starting on June 3, it will be Rhys Hoskins’ return to Citizens Bank Park. The former Philly star has an idea of what type of reception he will get from the fans he used to play in front of.

Rhys Hoskins discusses Phillies tenure

In a recent appearance on Foul Territory, Hoskins said his time with the Phillies is “something I’ll always remember, I’ll always hold close to my heart.” He added that he has great relationships with people throughout the organization. Later in the episode, he was asked if he thinks he’s going to get booed when he plays in Philly as an opponent for the first time.

“My guess is yes,” Hoskins said. “I’m hoping — I don’t know if hope is the right word — but if I’m getting booed, it probably means that the Brewers are doing something to be winning the game or to win the game. So I’ll kind of root for that to make sure we the Brewers are coming out on top.

Phillies Rhys hoskins
Philadelphia Phillies’ Rhys Hoskins hits a home run during the fifth inning in Game 3 of baseball’s World Series between the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

“But, you know, I’m excited to go back,” he continued. “I’m excited to see all those guys, those relationships that I talked about. I’m excited to compete against them wearing a different uni. But I said this when I signed: I hope the Brewers win at the end of the day.”

Rhys Hoskins’ answer seems to indicate that he doesn’t think he’ll get booed automatically, only in the event that he helps lead the Brewers to victory over the Phillies. Still, in any event, it seems preposterous to think that he won’t get a very long, loud ovation from fans when he first steps up to bat.

Rhys Hoskins is bound to receive cheers in return to Philadelphia

If there are any boos for Rhys Hoskins in his return to The Bank, they will be drowned out by a sea of cheers and applause from the rest of the fans in attendance.

Hoskins is beloved by fans and former teammates alike. He was one of the Phillies’ best hitters for years, serving as both a bright spot amid some turbulent years and one of the faces of a star-studded lineup alongside the likes of Bryce Harper, J.T. Realmuto and Kyle Schwarber. A fan favorite through and through, Hoskins deserves a warm welcome in his return. Another fan favorite’s recent return suggests he certainly will.

Jean Segura, who left the Phillies for the Miami Marlins in free agency, received a standing ovation in his return to Philly last season. The veteran infielder only played four seasons with the Phils and was a part of four MLB franchises before his stint in the red pinstripes. Segura certainly deserved the recognition from fans but the point here is this: given that Hoskins was drafted by the Phillies and spent seven seasons with the big-league club (a full decade in the organization), the crowd will make a whole lot of noise for him, too.

Had Rhys Hoskins left the Phillies in an ugly breakup like Jayson Werth or Jonathan Papelbon did, he would surely receive a substantial amount of boos. But no such conflict with the front office or fan base occurred. The fact that he was essentially left without a spot on the team after Bryce Harper transitioned to first base full-time generated a lot of sympathy for Hoskins as he searched for his new team.

If anything, Phillies fans appreciate Rhys Hoskins even more now after 1) the offense has gotten off to a slow start to this season and 2) he provoked the New York Mets by colliding with Jeff McNeil on a slide into second base, taunting him after the play and then going off the next day with three hits (including a home run) and four RBI.

“Yeah, that was news to me,” Hoskins said on Foul Territory about McNeil calling him a dirty player. “I don’t know if you ever want to be considered a dirty player but if you’re getting that from your opponent, you’re probably doing a few things right on the field. That was news to me, man. Like I said, I’m just trying to play the game the way I was taught and the way I was brought up.”

Rhys Hoskins and the Phillies will have to wait almost two more months for their reunion. When it does, fond memories of his electric first season, his grand slam from 2019 Opening Day, the 2022 World Series run and much more will follow — and so will an outpouring of love.

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II