Phillies Reveal 2024 City Connect Uniforms

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The Philadelphia Phillies have officially unveiled their new City Connect uniforms for the 2024 season.

At the team store at Citizens Bank Park, where the City Connect jerseys first went up for sale, the Phillies became the first team to reveal this year’s edition of the new uniforms. The new threads have provided MLB teams with the chance to branch out from their typical branding and create a design that captures the spirit and unique elements of its home city.

“The City Connect Series is probably one of the most impactful initiatives that Major League Baseball and Nike have done to attract a new audience,” said Phillies Vice President of Business Affairs Howard Smith in the team’s official press release. “We are excited and honored to be the first team this season to officially unveil our City Connect uniform, which features a new modern design that represents being ‘unapologetically Philly’ and celebrates our city’s rich history.”

City Connect

The new uniforms feature a black cap with a Liberty Bell that includes the Philadelphia skyline colored light blue and navy blue and a star on each side. The jerseys use a gradient with light blue on top that fades into a darker blue down the bottom of the jersey and onto the pants. The stars on the hat, the Nike swoosh on the jersey and other smaller details are yellow, giving the uniform the same colors as the Philadelphia flag.

The “Philly” wordmark across the jersey uses a font inspired by historical documents and the Liberty Bell’s crack, the team’s announcement said. Inside the collar – which was purposefully made blue to reflect the city’s gritty, hard-working identity – is an outline of the city skyline and the word Philadelphia in yellow.

On the left sleeve is a round patch that reads “Philadelphia” across the top and “City of Brotherly Love” across the bottom. In the middle is an ode to the famous “LOVE” sign using elements of the uniform alongside stitching that resembles a baseball.

During the offseason, various leaked images of what appeared to be the Phillies’ new threads. With the official unveiling, the Phils are embracing a very different look that includes matching merchandise.

Block Party

The Phillies will host a Block Party to celebrate the new uniforms that will feature high-profile guests like Shane Victorino, John Kruk, Larry Andersen and Mickey Morandini. It also includes photo opportunities with the 2008 World Series and 2022 National League Championship trophies and a screening for tonight’s game. The Phils will play in their first road series of the season against the Washington Nationals.

The Phillies will wear their new uniforms for the first time on Friday, April 12 when they face the Pittsburgh Pirates and will continue to sport them for each of their remaining Friday home games.

Joining the Phillies in getting new City Connect uniforms for 2024 are the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals, Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Twins, Cleveland Guardians and Detroit Tigers. In what is now four years with teams rolling out the additional alternate get-up, only the New York Yankees and Oakland (for now) A’s have not yet had City Connect uniforms.

Image courtesy of the Phillies and The site details plenty of information on the release of these new uniforms!