Eagles Presser Recap: Bryce Huff, Zack Baun ready to bring the boom in 2024

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Philadelphia Eagles Bryce Huff talks to the media during the press conference after signing with the Eagles, Thursday, March 14, 2024, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

The Philadelphia Eagles introduced two shiny new pieces of their defense to the masses on Thursday to a wide-eyed media contingent. Bryce Huff, cloaked in an Air Jordan hoodie, looked every bit the part of the franchise’s next dominant pass rusher. He’s expected to start at edge rusher in 2024.

Huff busted loose for a career-high 10 sacks last season with the Jets, including 1.5 sacks in a 20-14 win over the Eagles last October. He’s ready to build off that momentum for his new team.

“Just being consistent as far as my work and my process throughout the week. Just really honing in on my opponent’s weaknesses,” Huff told reporters about why he exploded in 2023. “Listening to my coaches as far as a rush plan. Working together with my teammates on the D-line. And, really, just working like a team to beat the opposing offensive line as opposed to winning one-on-ones.”

Huff will wear No. 0 for the Eagles. The other prized newcomer is LB Zach Baun who will compete for a starting linebacker spot at training camp. He spent the past four seasons in New Orleans where he was a key contributor on special teams while serving as a pass-rushing linebacker, sometimes lined up on the edge. His role in Philadelphia remains undefined.

“I’m not particularly sure about the plan but I have a lot of experience doing both,” Baun told reporters, “and I think I can do both at a high level, so I’m interested to see where the coaches utilize my skillset and decide to play me but I’m down to play wherever and do whatever.”

Eagles Press Conference Rodeo: Best of What They Had to Say

Zack Baun and Bryce Huff had nothing but good things to say about the Eagles’ organization and how they plan to improve the defense in 2024. All eyes will be on edge rusher and linebacker. Here is some of what they said …

Zack Baun, on why he chose the Philadelphia Eagles:
“Defensively, Vic Fangio … what he’s been able to do throughout his career is really unbelievable and it fits my skillset and what I’m able to do on the football field.”

Bryce Huff, on why he’s a good fit in Philly:
“Really just the culture. The team that’s being built here. The guys that been here over the years is balling out, grinding and getting the dubs on Sundays.”

Bryce Huff, on whether he’s ready for a more expanded role:
“I feel like I’m capable of taking on a bigger role and really doing as much as I can to help us win on Sundays.”

Zack Baun, on being labeled a hybrid player (linebacker and edge rusher):
“Do I like the term? I think so. I think hybrid sounds like a good term, probably better than it is because you’re doing a lot of different things and you’re kind of not settling into one but I think I can truly do a lot of different things.”

Zack Baun, on his relationship with former Eagles LB TJ Edwards (editor’s note: they overlapped at the University of Wisconsin):
“[He was] one of the first people who hopped on the phone with me after I signed with the Eagles. He told me I would love the city, had a big old smile on his face, had nothing but good things to say about the people here, and the organization and the team.”

Bryce Huff, on going from undrafted rookie to signing a 3-year, $51.1 million contract:
“Just the fact that you came out and not a single team thought you were worthy of a draft pick, it kind of just stays in the back of your mind … It just meant a lot to me, just knowing that I came in playing for pennies so to speak, in comparison to other guys in my position.”

Zack Baun, on trying to stop Eagles QB Jalen Hurts:
“He’s dynamic. He’s electric. And having a quarterback that kind of can do everything, not kind of, that can do everything, it poses a real threat to a defense having played against him and just seeing what he’s done from the outside. He’s a special player.”

Bryce Huff, on which pass rushers he’s tried to emulate:
“Von Miller. TJ Watt. Shaq Barrett. Myles Garrett. I watch Haason [Reddick] a lot. I watch Micah Parsons a lot, just all those guys, and just trying to pick things up from their games, that they do at a high level and try to add it to my own.”

AP Photo/Chris Szagola