Saquon Barkley addresses media after signing with Eagles

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Free agency began with a bang for the Philadelphia Eagles as they welcomed a former foe into the nest after signing former Giants running back Saquon Barkley. Today, Barkley addressed the media for the first time as an Eagle.

Monday signaled the first day of legal tampering for the NFL’s free agency period, and among those first moves was the news that Barkley and the Birds agreed to a three-year deal worth $37 million, with a max value of $46 million and $26 million guaranteed.

After being a consistent thorn in Philadlphia’s side over his career, Barkley will now be focused on bring the team closer to their goal of winning another Super Bowl.

A new home for Saquon and a new era of Philadelphia football


When asked if the Eagles were on his radar heading into free agency, Barkley cited the team’s culture and fans as significant factors:

“Yeah, when it came to my attention that the team that the Eagles were one of the teams that were interested in me. [I] definitely got excited about it. Obviously, we got everything wrapped up and just put my signature to the paper but from being watched from afar, everything that they’re about, you know, the culture here, the fans here. Definitely got super excited about it and I’m just happy to be a part of this organization. And I’m ready to go.

Barkley was also asked about his perception of Philadelphia and the Eagles while with the Giants:

“Yeah, like I said, from watching from afar with everything they seem about, what this city’s about, and they have that they have that mentality. They want to win. I know everyone’s stuck on last year, but being 11-6 and making the first round, and that’s a down year. That’s a great culture you want to be a part of when you have that mindset, where it’s like, no, we need to do way more. I know how special this place is, and I know how special a player that I believe I can be, and I’m just happy to be a part of it.”

Saquon also addressed the Giants fans who are hurt after his decision to come to Philadelphia:

I got nothing but love and respect for all those guys, and you know, all those ladies and just the fans for the last six years. They’ve been great to me, to my family, created so many memories. I don’t I don’t think I really handled it the right way on social media that I could give a proper goodbye.

You know, like I said, once I announced, everything kind of got hectic, but yeah, I’m forever grateful for the Giants fans and so thankful for them. But unfortunately, [the] NFL is a business, and I was able to get to a place that I know I can come here, I can compete, I can win, I can stay close to home. I’m just happy that I was able to be part of the team.”

Barkley was also asked about the importance of receiving guaranteed money at his position and to himself:

“I don’t think it’s just important for just [for] the running back position. I think for any player in the NFL, it’s important to get the most guaranteed money that you can, and you know, my agent, Ed, did an unbelievable job. That was a test that we wanted to have, and you know, that was a goal, and he got it done.

We play in the NFL, not just the running backs but everybody; it’s a gruesome sport. You never know what can happen in this game, so it’s important. And I’m just happy that we’re able to get that done and know the business side of his over and know I can go out there and compete and go try and win.”

For Barkley, being near family was clearly crucial, as he made known during the press conference:

“Yeah, that’s important to come back to everybody that knows me and you know, playing high school football here. And playing college football here. But the biggest thing we want to take close to home. You know it’s a blessing that for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I can go right to my mama’s house, or we can go Nana’s house. You know my kids are still my kids can see their grandparents my kids can see their aunts and uncles and cousins. So that was important and I’m just happy just happy to be here. Happy to be a Philadelphia Eagle.”

On a less exciting note, Barkley was also asked about the pending investigation around the Eagles signing Barkley, specifically whether or not Philadelphia violated tampering rules, and spoke with Barkley ahead of the league’s new year.

The allegations formed after Penn State head coach James Franklin alluded to Eagles general manager Howie Roseman having direct contact with Barkley ahead of the allowed period.

“Yeah, I mean, coach Frank, I think, kind of misinterpreted it. The truth was the sales pitch of Penn State, how many Penn State fans are Philadelphia Eagles fans, but that was through my agent, and my agent told me that, so you know, it happened, and I’m gonna let Philly handle that.

Barkley was also asked his opinion on his new quarterback Jalen Hurts

“Oh, yeah, watching from afar. I know how special a player he is, how talented a talented player he is. But just talking to him. You know, this mentality. Yeah. It’s a mindset that he has, and it’s not just something that you see on the outside. You talk to everybody in this building, I think they will all say say the same things. Obviously, you could run the ball pretty well, but just a mindset. I think that the mindset they’d have and it’s a guy that you want to go out there and play for.”

The Eagles typically don’t invest much into running backs because their production tends to drop off depending on several factors, including age and carries, Barkley addressed why he doesn’t prescribe to those fears:

“Because I pride myself in the way I take care of my body. I pride myself in the way I trai, the way I push myself, and I’m a big believer in learning from the greats. The Walters, the Barrys, and you know, the list goes on and on. I’m not comparing myself to those guys, but a lot of those guys played into the world well into their 30s. So I don’t get into the analytics and all that stuff. I believe in the work that you put into what you get out, and I’m gonna continue to have that mindset.”

Finally, Barkley was asked about the strangeness of suiting up now on the other side of the rivalry:

Yeah, definitely. When I put this hoodie on, it was definitely a little different. And seeing my daughter there putting on the Philadelphia Eagles stuff. We’ve been on the worst side of the rivalry, I guess you could say, for the past couple of years, but I’m happy. I’m happy to be a Philadelphia Eagle.

Like I said, I take pride in it. I’m gonna take pride and organization. I’m gonna take pride in my community. And that’s something that I try my best to do in New York and New Jersey. So I look forward to that. Also make an impact in my community. And I’m excited; like I said, the business side is over…let’s go play ball.”

Safe to say the fans are just as excited as Saquon Bakley that he’s a Philadelphia Eagle.