Concacaf W Gold Cup Matchday 2 Recap

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United States’ Alex Morgan takes a shot on goal during the Women’s World Cup Group E soccer match between Portugal and the United States at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand, Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2023. (AP Photo/Andrew Cornaga)

The Concacaf W Gold Cup has now gone through two matchdays! We are beginning to see the quarterfinals take shape with three nations clinching spots in the knockout rounds. That leaves five spots left open for the eight teams that remain alive for qualification to the quarterfinals. Let’s look back on matchday two to see who punched their tickets, who is still alive, and who may soon be eliminated.

USWNT, W Gold Cup
United States’ Alex Morgan takes a shot on goal during the Women’s World Cup Group E soccer match between Portugal and the United States at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand, Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2023. (AP Photo/Andrew Cornaga)

Concacaf W Gold Cup Matchday 2

Group A

Dominican Republic 0 – 8 Mexico

Dominican Republic fell to the USA in their first match at this W Gold Cup; Mexico played to a scoreless draw with Argentina. It would be more of the same on matchday two for one nation and not the other. Mexico scored four goals in the first half hour, and six goals before halftime in this match. They added two more in the second half to get a much-needed win.

This result knocked the Dominican Republic out of knockout round contention, while simultaneously strengthening Mexico’s claim for a quarterfinal spot.

Argentina 0 – 4 USA

Argentina gained a point in their first match at this W Gold Cup; The USA won in some fashion on matchday 1 scoring five goals. The two sides met on matchday two with very different goals in mind. Argentina needed to pick up more points to help their claim on a knockout round spot, whereas the USA needed to win to clinch their spot in the quarterfinals.

Regina Ham wrote up a full recap of this match detailing a USWNT triumph:

The USA and Argentina await their final group stage games Monday night against Mexico and the Dominican Republic, respectively.

Group A Standings

  • USA | 6 pts | +9 GD | *clinched knockout round
  • Mexico | 4 pts | +8 GD
  • Argentina | 1 pt | -4 GD
  • Dominican Republic | 0 pts | -13 GD
World Cup, W Gold Cup
FILE – Haiti’s Melchie Dumornay, left, and Mexico’s Aleixa Delgado vie for the ball during a CONCACAF Women’s Championship soccer match in Monterrey, Mexico, Thursday, July 7, 2022. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano, File)

Group B

Puerto Rico 2 – 1 Panama

Puerto Rico opened up the W Gold Cup with a 1-0 loss to Brazil, Panama also lost their first game, getting thrashed by Colombia 6-0. Both were looking to make their mark on matchday two. It looked like Panama might just do this as they scored in the first half; however, two goals in the final 17 minutes gave Purto Rico all three points.

With the Win Purto Rico has a good chance to make the quarterfinals. Panama isn’t eliminated yet but soon could be if they can’t get a win on the final matchday against Brazil.

Colombia 0 – 1 Brazil

Colombia opened up the first-ever W Gold Cup with a huge 6-0 victory over Panama. Brazil won their first match too, but by the slim margin of 1-0 over Puerto Rico. The two Conmebol giants met in the second match of the group stage. A Brazil goal in the 6th minute was the difference in a match that was not as entertaining as the billing.

Brazil sits in first place on six points; this is enough to clinch a spot in the knockout rounds. Colombia is in second with three points, but is in a good spot to make the quarterfinals after the third matchday!

Group B Standings

  • Brazil | 6 pts | +2 GD | *clinched knockout round
  • Colombia | 3 pts | +5 GD
  • Puerto Rico | 3 pts | 0 GD
  • Panama | 0 pts | -7 GD
World Cup, W Gold Cup
FILE – Colombia’s Linda Caicedo controls the ball during the women’s Copa America final soccer match against Brazil in Bucaramanga, Colombia, Saturday, July 30, 2022. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara, File)

Group C

Paraguay 0 – 4 Canada

Paraguay opened Group C play in this W Gold Cup with a win 1-0 over Costa Rica; Canada also began with a win, but their was by six goals vs El Salvador. On the second matchday, one of these two nations would be sitting pretty in first place with a win. Canada would be that team picking up another multi-goal victory. Two goals in each half and a hat trick from Adriana Leoon helped Canada secure the W.

Canada sits in first place and knows they will be in the quarterfinals of this tournament! Paraguay sits on three points, but their goal differential may keep them out of the knockout rounds if they can’t get a big win on the last day.

El Salvador 0 – 2 Costa Rica

El Salvador began the W Gold Cup with a tough loss to Canada. Costa Rica played a hard-fought game but fell to Paraguay. This second match would be defining for both nations, a win would prove huge for either nation. Costa Rica’s Priscila Chinchilla scored early in the first half, and also in the second half. Her goals proved to be the defining moments in a 2-0 win for the Costa Ricans.

Costa Rica’s victory helped them rise to second place in the group; they are sitting pretty to make the quarterfinals. El Salvador is not eliminated just yet, but they’d need a miraculous win on the final day to make the knockout rounds!

Group C Standings

  • Canada | 6 pts | +10 GD | *clinched knockout round
  • Costa Rica | 3 pts | +1 GD
  • Paraguay | 3 pts | -3 GD
  • El Salvador | 0 pts | -8 GD
World Cup, W Gold Cup
Ireland’s Abbie Larkin, left, and Canada’s Ashley Lawrence compete for the ball during the Women’s World Cup Group B soccer match between Canada and Ireland in Perth, Australia, Wednesday, July 26, 2023. (AP Photo/Gary Day)

The Final Matchday plays out this week

The USA, Brazil, and Canada have already punched their tickets to the knockout rounds, who will be the five other nations that come along with them to the quarterfinals? That will be determined on the final matchday of the group stage.

  • Argentina vs Dominican Republic | Monday, Feb. 26 | 7 pm EST
  • USA vs Mexico | Monday, Feb. 26 | 10:15 pm EST
  • Colombia vs Puerto Rico | Tuesday, Feb. 27 | 7 pm EST
  • Brazil vs Panama | Tuesday, Feb. 27 | 10:15 pm EST
  • Canada vs Costa Rica | Wednesday, Feb. 28 | 6 pm EST
  • Paraguay vs El Salvador | Wednesday, Feb. 28 | 9 pm EST

Will Mexico or Argentina join the USA, or could both? Will we see Colombia and Puerto Rico make the quarterfinals or just one? Costa Rica and Paraguay could be two nations to make the quarters, but could El Salvador make a surprising turn on the final day? We’ll have to wait and watch to find out!

UWSNT, W Gold Cup
United States’ Lindsey Horan celebrates her team’s first US goal during the Women’s World Cup Group E soccer match between the United States and the Netherlands in Wellington, New Zealand, Thursday, July 27, 2023. (AP Photo/Alysa Rubin)

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