DOOP on the Volley: PSN’s newest Philadelphia Union podcast!

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There’s a new Philadelphia Union podcast coming your way soon! Our Union team presents Doop on the Volley; a new podcast that talks about anything/everything to do with Philly‘s soccer team. We’ll also give our takes on Major League Soccer, and other soccer hot topics/takes. Whether you’re ready or not, we’ll be hitting those volleys like we’re the 2023 version of Jose “El Brujo” Martinez!

Mandatory Credit: Jimmy King

A Union Podcast to go along with our written coverage

We all know that our team has some great written coverage of the Union, and soccer in general. Doop on the Volley gives us another platform to showcase our unique fan-centered content. We are determined to give fans distinctive coverage, and Doop on the Volley will be a great way to see the people who create that content.

Doop on the Volley will have a live-stream component, on Philly Sports Network’s YouTube channel. We’ll have weekly episodes every Thursday at 8 pm EST. On those busy weeks with multiple matches, or other competitions going on in world soccer, we may have multiple episodes in a week, stay tuned for when that happens!

This will be a fun podcast that is at its core four friends talking soccer, and the Union. Of course, there will be some banter, hot takes, and analysis that viewers/listeners were accustomed to with the previous iteration of the podcast (Doop by the River). On top of that, fans can expect to interact with the hosts of the show, as well as see some interesting guests from week to week! This new podcast will have its first episode next Thursday, February 15th at 8 pm EST!

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Watch Doop on the Volley

Doop on the Volley will have a new home for fans to tune in to episodes. We will be live-streaming from the Philly Sports Network Youtube account, every Thursday at 8 pm EST! This allows fans to schedule the podcast should they want to watch it live. Not only can fans watch, but many will be able to interact as well. Live commenting and even having some fans join the stream are all things that will be happening on Doop on the Volley!

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Listen to Doop on the Volley

If you’d rather listen to podcasts, Doop on the Volley will be available wherever you get your podcasts the day after the live-stream version airs! We all have those sports podcasts that we love to listen to to get us pumped up for an upcoming game or season, Doop on the Volley will bring that type of excitement to Union fans. Whether you use Google, Apple, Spotify, or any other platform for listening to podcasts, make sure you listen to Doop on the Volley to get your Philadelphia soccer fix!

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