Women’s World Cup Roundup: Sweden flattens Italy, France and Brazil entertain, Jamaica gets first-ever win on Day 10

World Cup
France’s Wendie Renard, right, celebrates with teammates after scoring her team’s second goal during the Women’s World Cup Group F soccer match between France and Brazil in Brisbane, Australia, Saturday, July 29, 2023. (AP Photo/Aisha Schulz)

We have reached double digits on days at the Women’s World Cup. Day 10 saw a whole lotta goals, one of the most competitive games of the tournament, and a nation getting its first-ever win on this stage. Let’s take a look back on the day that was!

World Cup
France’s Wendie Renard, right, celebrates with teammates after scoring her team’s second goal during the Women’s World Cup Group F soccer match between France and Brazil in Brisbane, Australia, Saturday, July 29, 2023. (AP Photo/Aisha Schulz)

Women’s World Cup Roundup Day 10

Sweden score five on Italy, three from corner kicks

World Cup
Sweden’s Amanda Ilestedt, second from right, celebrates with Sweden’s Magdalena Eriksson after scoring her side’s 4th goal and celebrate the fourth goal of the match during the Women’s World Cup Group G soccer match between Sweden and Italy in Wellington, New Zealand, Saturday, July 29, 2023. (AP Photo/Alysa Rubin)

Sweden opened their Women’s World Cup campaign needing a last-minute headed goal to get all three points. Italy also needed late-game heroics to secure a win in their first match as well. Both nations met in their second match of Group G play knowing a win would mean securing the top spot in the group and advancing to the Round of 16 with one match to play!

As the game started. It looked like Italy would take advantage of the opportunity. The momentum was with the Azuri. On the day, Italy created 12 shots, but only two were on target. This would not be good enough on this day, as Sweden awoke after some time, and they never looked back. Just before the half-hour mark, Sweden swung the momentum back to their side. They created chance after chance and eventually found the breakthrough.

With about five minutes before halftime, Sweden scored first, and it was through their bread-and-butter plays: corner kicks. Joanna Andersson whipped in a corner and Amanda Llestedt smashed it home with a header. It was 1-0, but Sweden wasn’t satisfied. In the 44th minute Andersson played in another perfect corner kick, and Fridolina Rolfö was able to put home the ball. Sweden would add a third just before halftime, getting goal number three just eight minutes after their first goal, this time some good combination plays dismantled Italy and Stina Blackstenius scored.

Coming into the second half, Sweden picked up where they left off. Five minutes into the half Andersson and Llestedt combined again from a corner kick and made it 4-0! The game was all but over, Italy pushed numbers forward again and again but failed to find a goal. Since they left so much space, Sweden was able to add a fifth goal in second-half stoppage time. Sweden is through to the knockout rounds, while Italy will need a win on the final day of their World Cup group stage to make no doubt about making it out of the group!

Group G Standings

  1. Sweden – 6 pts | +6 GD
  2. Italy – 3 pts | -4 GD
  3. South Africa – 1 pt | -1 GD
  4. Argentina – 1 pts | -1 GD

France finds late winner in thrilling match vs Brazil

World Cup
Brazil’s Debinha kicks the ball past France’s goalkeeper Pauline Peyraud-Magnin, right, to score their first goal during the Women’s World Cup Group F soccer match between France and Brazil in Brisbane, Australia, Saturday, July 29, 2023. (AP Photo/Tertius Pickard)

France opened their 2023 Women’s World Cup with a shocking nil-nil draw vs Jamaica. Brazil won handily over Panama playing some of the most beautiful soccer of the tournament so far. These two giants of the game meet in the group stage each knowing what they needed to do to make their chances to advance. France could be eliminated if they lost to Brazil, and Jamaica won. Brazil could qualify for the knockout rounds with a win. The stakes were high, and the teams did not disappoint.

The game began with a furious pace. Both sides tried to get out on the front foot, and it created a fast and furious back-and-forth contest from the opening whistle! Each nation would have time with the ball and try to throttle their opponent when they had it. This game was frantic as both sides created double-digit shots in the game, where they differed was that France had seven shots on target to Brazil’s two.

One of France’s shots on goal was the opening goal of the game in the 17th minute. A nice build-up by Les Blues found their striker Eugénie Le Sommer who was able to cushion home a shot. France had the early lead, but the pace of the game never changed one bit, it even carried over to the second half. This is where Brazil made the most of one of their attacks. A Brazil attack looked to be blocked and done with, but Debinha found the ball and kept the chance alive by moving in on goal and placing a perfect shot to the far right corner it was 1-1 with 30 minutes to play!

As the match continued, it was clear that these two sides wanted that go-ahead goal. Both would fly up the pitch when they were in possession, but neither side could find the goal they so desperately needed in open play. A set piece would decide this match, and it came in the 83rd minute. France’s Selma Bacha sent a perfect corner kick to the far post, that’s where Wendie Renard was able to storm in. Renard beat her marker and headed the ball down to the ground. It popped up over the top of a Brazilian defender and nestled into the back of the net. France found their winner in the 83rd minute.

France moved top of the group with one match still to play at this World Cup. Brazil stayed in second, but if Jamaica found a winner against Panama then, then Brazil would know their final match would be a win-or-go-home game!

Group F Standings

  1. France – 4 pts | +1 GD
  2. Brazil – 3 pts | +3 GD
  3. Jamaica – 1 pt | 0 GD
  4. Panama – 0 pts | -4 GD

Jamaica makes history in first Women’s World Cup win over Panama

World Cup
Jamaica’s Allyson Swaby, right, and Tiernny Wiltshire celebrate at the end of the Women’s World Cup Group F soccer match between Panama and Jamaica in Perth, Australia, Saturday, July 29, 2023. Jamaica won 1-0. (AP Photo/Gary Day)

Jamaica came into their second match in the group with a huge opportunity. They secured a draw against France, and a win in game two would put them in second in the group. Panama was in a different situation entirely. They lost their first match to Brazil 4-0; a loss to Jamaica would end their tournament. The biggest star in this matchup couldn’t play as Jamaica’s Bunny Shaw got a red card in the first match. Panama was hoping this would level the playing field, but they were mistaken.

As the game opened up it was clear that Jamaica’s driving force of getting their first ever Women’s World Cup win was powering them on. They controlled the momentum for almost all of the first half. They could have had the lead just before halftime. Spence hit a perfect free-kick attempt on goal, but it struck the top of the crossbar and went over. Panama was relieved, but that feeling wouldn’t stay for long.

In the second half, Jamaica picked up where they left off, and put the pressure on Panama. Just about 10 minutes after the second half kicked off, Jamaica had their goal. The Reggae Girlz showed some very nice buildup play. Trudi Carter found the run of Allyson Swaby who was able to head home the chance. Jamaica led 1-0 with more than half an hour to go. Panama knew that a loss would doom their chances, so they found the game later on, but could they find a goal?

The answer to that question is no. They created some decent-looking attacks to try to equalize, but none of them were able to find their way into the net. Jamaica had achieved their first-ever win at a Women’s World Cup, while Panama crashed out with one game to go. All eyes are now on the Reggae Girlz; can they beat Brazil in their final match and make the knockout rounds?

Group F Standings

  1. France – 4 pts | +1 GD
  2. Jamaica – 4 pts | +1 GD
  3. Brazil – 3 pt | +3 GD
  4. Panama – 0 pts | -5 GD

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