Howie Roseman has approached free agency in a totally different way to previous years

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Jason Kelce eagles 49ers vs eagles
Philadelphia Eagles’ Brandon Graham, Lane Johnson, Howie Roseman, Fletcher Cox and Jason Kelce celebrate after the NFC Championship NFL football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers, Sunday, Jan. 29, 2023, in Philadelphia. Roseman, the once-exiled executive who was cast aside for Chip Kelly for a year, returned to lead the Eagles to the franchise’s only Super Bowl title is back again after hitting rock bottom in 2020. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Howie Roseman isn’t new to the game of trying to build a championship-level roster on the back of a lucrative contract extension for his current quarterback.

It just didn’t work the last time.

The last time Howie Roseman went bargain shopping

After winning Super Bowl LII, Howie Roseman went bargain shopping in free agency in an attempt to continue their championship window. It ended up blowing up in his face and the franchise was in the midst of mediocrity for three seasons.

There are those that have analyzed the 2023 off-season approach and have noticed many similarities to the plan Howie Roseman displayed in 2018 – bargain-bin shopping for veterans in the hopes they can extend their title window. Plenty of fans have been worried about those same similarities that potentially show the Eagles’ front office hasn’t learned anything from their mistakes.

There is, however, a major fundamental difference that shows just how much Howie Roseman and the front office has changed.

Winds of changed have started blowing in Philadelphia

In 2018, the average age of the free agents that were brought to Philadelphia was 29.4 years old. The top names included older veterans like Mike Wallace, Haloti Ngata, and Paul Worrilow. Lucrative multi-year extensions to Nigel Bradham and Alshon Jeffery later put the team in cap purgatory as the quarterback struggled around an aging roster.

2023’s offseason plan couldn’t be more different. The average age of signings made was 27 to this point. Each free agent that was brought in was a high first or second-round talent that hasn’t quite worked out. Philadelphia taking a flier out on the upside and overall talent is a lot different than paying aging players for their last ounce of production.

That central difference is also compounded by the NFL Draft. In 2018, the Eagles didn’t have a lot of picks, including a second-rounder due to the trade for Carson Wentz. While that draft is widely considered the best in recent history for the Birds, the lack of picks in a loaded class certainly hurt the team in key positions.

2023 is significantly different. The defending conference champions have a top-10 pick, two first-rounders, and four picks in the top 100.

Could Philadelphia keep all of their six picks? Is a trade-down, or up in consideration?

What does the future hold for Howie Roseman and the Eagles?

The answer to these questions is all yes. The team is far more flexible even with a Jalen Hurts extension on the horizon than they were when Carson Wentz was running the show. Bargain-shopping for high-upside free agents also helps because it means they’ll get comp picks next year should these signings work out, as well as the ability to remain flexible in the draft, and free agency next season with a quarterback on a mega-deal.

Howie Roseman

There are those that are concerned that the team made the same mistakes that started a quick rebuild this offseason. In reality though, the free agency moves made confirmed that not only has Howie Roseman learned from the 2018 fiasco, but has put his team in a position to succeed for a long time.

The common consensus on building a championship roster in the modern NFL is having a franchise quarterback, a top receiver, two excellent tackles, two pass rushers, and two corners.

Philadelphia has stars at each position needed and shows just how good they will still be in 2023.