The Union’s “For Philly” Kit is here!

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The Philadelphia Union has a new away kit for the 2023 season. The “For Philly” kit replaces the “By U” kit which is likely a top-two all-time Union kit. Let’s take a deep dive into what the boys in blue will wear on their away days for the next two seasons.

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A first look at the Union’s “For Philly” Kit

The “For Philly” kit is here and highly unique for an MLS kit. Over the last three years, Philadelphia has gone away from a lot of the bland MLS templates to give fans a Jersey made by them (light blue and yellow accents with lightning bolts) and one that was for them (a kit with navy blue, gold, and the anthem blue all of which feature in the team’s crest.) Now, Philly has a jersey that features gold, tan, anthem blue, and navy blue in a camouflage-style shirt that is one of a kind.

This jersey was inspired by the team’s 2019 playoff run which was the tipping point for Philly. They became a good team that year, winning their first playoff match; since then, the team had only gone on an upward trajectory. The Union Creative Collective and Adidas worked together to use the 2019 playoff merchandise as their springboard and flashed a lighter, brighter, and more vibrant color scheme.

The front of the shirt showcases the gold and anthem blue camouflage style. There are accents of Navy blue throughout with the Adidas logo, the new Bimbo affiliate sponsor Thomas’, and the club’s secondary crest: the snake. The other Adidas-style stripes on the shoulder and collar are also Navy blue. The sides of the shirt are anthem blue stripes, while the back of the shirt is all gold/tan. Names and numbers are the Navy color to stand out. To accompany the shirt the shorts are anthem blue with Navy numbers, and the socks are also anthem blue with the navy Adidas logo on them. 

The Kit is visually stunning and makes you take a second look, it also reflects Philly’s style.

A shirt that reflects Philly’s style

The “For Philly” shirt is the culmination of the clubs Union Creative Collective and Adidas working together to create something one of a kind. It’s a work of art that reflects the city of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia Union’s Creative Director Shaun Kreider had this to say about the now-released kit:

“Philadelphia is a city full of juxtapositions. We have some of the most beautiful art in the world in a city that’s mostly known for its toughness and determination. With this kit, some people see plumes of smoke when they look at it, others see water, and a few people have said it looks like a painting. We love all these interpretations because, as our fans know, Philadelphia is not just one thing.”

Shaun Kreider: Philadelphia Union’s Creative Director

This kit is bold and continues with the trend that Philly wants to create shirts that are stunning, interesting, and honestly worth the higher prices that Adidas and MLS charge fans for a jersey. The “For Philly” might not be everyone’s favorite shirt yet, but it could quickly rise up the ranks when fans can see it in person, and see their team win in them. Could this be the shirt that the Union win another trophy in?

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Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union