What we learned about the Eagles during Super Bowl Opening Night

Philadelphia Eagles’ Nick Sirianni shouts during the first half of an NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

The Philadelphia Eagles have landed in Arizona and are preparing for their Super Bowl LVII clash against the Kansas City Chiefs. With the honor of making the Super Bowl comes a week of press obligations, and that process started on Monday evening. Here is everything you need to know about the Eagles from night one.

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Nick Sirianni

The Eagles Head Coach expectedly spoke vibrantly about his time in Philadelphia up to this point, but had no problem looking back to his very first day, admitting that his first press conference wasn’t the best representation of himself. Still, to overcome all of the mockery and doubting from national media in the way that he has, it’s safe to say that Nick Sirianni had the last laugh.

Sirianni also mentioned that he does have a chip on his shoulder after not being retaind by Andy Reid. For those unaware, Sirianni actually coached the Chiefs wideouts prior to Andy Reid’s arrival in 2012. He was let go by ’Big Red’, giving us an extra wrinkle ahead of this weekend’s clash between the two.

He also credited the teams’ leadership for their sharp rise to the top. Sirianni mentioned that along with Philadelphia being the best sports town in America, having Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce, Brandon Graham, and Fletcher Cox onboard, really helped him set the tone and teach the young guys the right way, something he was quick to call an edge.

Of course, just like every Super Bowl media week, there were some dumb questions. One included asking the charismatic Head Coach which Eagle he would not allow his daughter to date. Sirianni responded by telling the reporter his daughter is five years old.

Someone else also asked Nick Sirianni if the Super Bowl is a must-win game. Riveting stuff there.

Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts approached last night just like we all expected he would, cool, calm, and collected. Hurts spoke of his preparation for moments like this and how he didn’t work this hard to come up short.

The one thing that stood out was Hurts preaching consistency from the coaching staff. We at PSN noted going into the season that for the first time since High School, Hurts would have at least a two-year stint with the same Head Coach. Hurts mentioned that he used that to his advantage and given the level of production we’ve seen from him, it’s safe to say he’s squeezed every last drop.

Jalen Hurts also was quick to praise his agent and his full-female team going into the Super Bowl. Agent Nicole Lynn is shattering every barrier possible and Jalen is doing all he can to empower her and the team around him, with Lynn becoming the first black woman to represent a player in the Super Bowl.

AJ Brown & Hurts

Hurts also mentioned how great the experience has been to play with guys he grew up with. It was a clear point of emphasis for the coaching staff this offseason and while some wondered if surrounding him with friendly faces could be detrimental to his game, they were clearly proven wrong. Jalen described AJ as being his best friend, while Brown mentioned that he’s matured a lot this year behind Hurts, who is a first in, last out, kind of guy.

Jason Kelce & Travis Kelce

Obviously the big narrative going into this weekend is the Kelce brothers. Travis and Jason will be playing each other in the Super Bowl and there’s even a petition for Mama kelce to complete the coin toss before the game, just to put the icing on this amazing cake.

Naturally, Jason Kelce spoke about how incredible it is to be playing Travis on such a big stage and the wholesomeness was reflected by his brother.

What was interesting was Eagles LT Jordan Mailata saying that he has a picture of Jason Kelce as Batman as his phone Lock Screen, going on to say how much Kelce inspires him as a leader.

Darius Slay’s Philly Special

Perhaps the best quote of all came from Darius Slay, who was asked what kind of trick play he would run in line with the Philly Special.

His response?

Slay catches a pick, tosses it to Bradberry, who then pings it to Avonte Maddox, who runs into the touchdown. They’re then all joined by CJGJ and do a group celebration in front of the travelling Eagles fans.


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AP Photo/Matt Slocum