The greatness of Jalen Hurts is truly inexplainable

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (1) reacts following an NFL football game against the New York Giants, Sunday, Jan. 8, 2023, in Philadelphia. The Eagles won 22-16. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

The NFL is a tricky league to predict, at least in the early years of a player’s career. When the Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft many people speculated that Hurts would play the Taysom Hill role. He would allow the Eagles to give, then-franchise QB, Carson Wentz a breather and he would also be great insurance if Wentz were to go down.

A lot has changed in a matter of two years. The Eagles are close to punching their ticket to the Super Bowl while Carson Wentz’s career is now in flux after a terrible year in Washington. It’s hard for teams nowadays to find good quarterbacks. The high draft picks don’t always pan out while the second-round guys and even the last pick in the draft guys are finding their footing with their respected team.

As for great quarterbacks…. Well…

Those are rare, they’re special beyond description.  Jalen Hurts is special. It’s not just about his play but it’s also the mentality. Hurts’ approach all season has been about work and striving to reach that next level. Even after going 8-0, Jalen was still focused on going 1-0 for the week. 

This team has been developed through the work ethic of Jalen Hurts. It has impacted the organization as a whole from the top to the bottom. The goal is the goal and there’s no dancing around it. There’s no celebrating a victory unless they’re the last men standing.

Great quarterbacks influence the team, the ownership, and the front office with just their presence and that’s what Jalen Hurts has done in just two years. While the media saw him as disposable, the Eagles saw him as too rare to pass up.

Hurts doesn’t say much unless he is on the field which has been his way of communicating with the world. The Eagles have landed a player that can be monumental for the franchise. Possibly bigger than McNabb and Cunningham ever were. He’s focused on winning and winning alone which makes him one of a kind in a league full of QBs that love to be the face of their franchises.

Jalen Hurts like Mike?

Nick Sirianni couldn’t hold back when comparing Jalen Hurts to Michael Jordan. When asked what it’s like to have a healthy Jalen Hurts playing for them Sirianni explained that “It’s like having Michael Jordan out there,” Sirianni said. “He’s your leader. He’s your guy.

When asked to go into detail about this statement he went on to say, “That comparison is kind of in that aspect of it. Again, was I around Michael Jordan? No, but I was able to watch from afar when I was a kid, but then also you’re able to watch these documentaries and you see that common denominator of those things — the first thing you asked me about Jalen, I always talk about all those things, all the intangibles that he has.”

Sirianni continued to explain just how special Jalen Hurts is, 

That’s where that’s coming from is just that will to win. It’s at a different level. He had that big chain on. What did it say? A breed of one. He’s a breed of one. That’s who he is. He’s unlike anybody I’ve been around just with how much he loves this game, how much winning drives him, how much getting better every day drives him, how much leading drives him. He’s special. He is a special dude.

Maybe it comes from being a coach’s son, or maybe it’s the fire that continues to burn from all of the doubt he has received. From being benched in Alabama for Tua to not being considered as a top QB in his draft class. Or maybe it was from Chris Simms leaving Hurts off of his top 40 QB list. Who knows?

But here is something I do know. Jalen Hurts is different. He’s not flashy like Pat Mahomes. He’s not Joe Burrow or Josh Allen. Don’t even compare him to Lamar Jackson. Jalen Hurts is in a class of his own and that’s how he wants it. He doesn’t need the distractions that come from off the field. He just wants to win. It’s as simple as that. 

AP Photo/Chris Szagola

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