Howie Roseman responds to Eagles fans in the best possible way

PHILADELPHIA, PA – OCTOBER 14: Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman is pictured prior to the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles on October 14, 2021 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire)

Philadelphia is a city that likes its coaches and players loud, aggressive, and unapologetic. The same rings true about their front office executives.

Darryl Morey, Dave Dombrowski, and Howie Roseman are lightning rods for fan and analyst engagement in the town because each has an important role in finding a way to build a championship team in their respective sports.

Dombrowski’s tutelage has led the Phillies to the World Series, and Darryl Morey is a Doc Rivers firing away from being good again. With Howie Roseman however, the relationship between the city and him is a complex one.

After the Eagles won their first Super Bowl in 2017, the term “underdog” Howie Roseman was coined by an inebriated Jason Kelce. As funny as it was, it was Roseman’s off-season moves that directly impacted the Super Bowl run.

But as with anything in this city, nothing good lasts forever. The Eagles gave out bad contracts to older players, the team whiffed on key draft picks, and football in Philadelphia was at its lowest point in a long time.

Yet just like in 2017, Howie Roseman has reinvented himself back into the underdog that made him a city legend. Key offseason additions and shrewd trades have led to a strong 8-0 start for the Eagles. It’s also no mistake that it’s led to Roseman strutting his feathers before game time.

The floor is yours, Howie Roseman..

Eagle fans like their sports figures to be unapologetically themselves. Howie Roseman has completely shrugged off the past poor seasons and is focused on the now. His clip in front of Eagle fans shows a general manager who, for the third time in his career, has risen like a phoenix from the ashes and led a renaissance and masterclass of how to build a football team.

It’s hard not to love the Eagles’ general manager after the off-season he had, and the way he’s walking around the city now. It’s a stark contrast to the hiding and anonymous sources that have plagued the franchise for years.

But for now those dark times are gone, and Howie Roseman is left standing with a team that might just be his best one yet.

Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire