Eagles bring back fan-favorite Greg Ward just in time for a World Series parade

Could October get any better? The Eagles saw the Phillies make the World Series and decided to bring back Greg Ward Jr. so he could be part of the festivities and/or parade, I’m sure of it. The Eagles signed him to the practice squad earlier today.

Where the legend began

It feels like forever ago that Greg Ward was the underdog darling of the Philadelphia Eagles. Originally signed as a UDFA in 2017, Ward struggled to make the team and proved his worth in the AAF (what an era that was) before making his return in 2019. From there, his legend unfurled.

The former Houston QB made the transition to wide receiver and then some, recording 282 yards and a pair of touchdowns through the opening nine weeks of the 2020 campaign. And when the Eagles traded Carson Wentz, Ward stepped up and added a further 92 yards and a hat-trick of touchdowns between weeks 13-16 with Jalen Hurts as his QB.

In 2021, Ward tallied 95 yards and 3 touchdowns. As the times changed, so did the Eagles. DeVonta Smith and A.J Brown were the big stars on the outside and the game-breaking speed of Quez Watkins left Greg Ward out in the cold.

Fighting for a roster spot, Ward suffered a toe injury and was waived from IR right before the 2022 season began. The position simply grew to a point where Ward wasn’t quite good enough to make the cut, as heartbreaking as it was to say.

Greg Ward returns

With that said, Greg Ward was the perfect ‘Philly guy’ and the team could do a lot worse in a pinch than someone who has proven his worth time and time again, becoming a viable offensive weapon for the Eagles when they needed him most. Having him on the practice squad is a very solid idea…and he gets to party on Broad with the rest of us!

Greg ward
PHILADELPHIA, PA – DECEMBER 13: Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Greg Ward (84) celebrates a first down reception in the second half during the game between the New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles on December 13, 2020 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire