Sixers boast the best sneaker game in the NBA

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When it comes to on-court sneaker rotations, many players in the NBA try to stake their claim as the King of the Kicks on the court. There are many contenders, but one king, and he is now a member of the Philadelphia 76ers. P.J Tucker, one of the newest Sixers, is widely known for having the best and most exclusive sneaker collection in the NBA.

Tucker’s collection consists of rare collectibles and player exclusives. He is signed with Nike, so the majority of the collection he wears on the court are Nike exclusives.

Another player who boasts a cool collection of on-court kicks is Montrezl Harrell, and he also has joined the Sixers for the upcoming season. Harrell is most notable for wearing his exclusive rotation of Reeboks, specifically Allen Iverson’s signature shoes. He has worn customs and colorways of the Reebok Questions and many other signature Iverson shoes.

The Sixers already had a solid roster of players with good rotations of on-court kicks. Tobias Harris led the team with his rotation of retros from Kobe Bryant’s signature line. Tyrese Maxey and Shake Milton also wore Kobe’s throughout the season, with Maxey starting to wear Nike’s newer basketball shoe, the Nike GT Cut.

Joel Embiid and James Harden have signature shoes from their respective companies, Under Armour and Adidas. Embiid still has a variety of colorways from his Embiid One line, while James Harden will be wearing the next version of his signature line, the Harden Vol. 7.

With Harden and Harrell joining the Sixers, they have solidified the Sixers as the team with the best on-court kick rotation in the NBA. As camp and the preseason starts, expect to see some heat on your social media feeds and televisions.