Carmelo Anthony and more veterans the Sixers should target

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LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 03: Los Angeles Lakers Forward Carmelo Anthony (7) looks on during a NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers on March 3, 2022 at Arena in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire)

The Philadelphia 76ers roster is more than likely completely set at this point of the season. With training camp just around a month away, and the Sixers having a complete roster, some players would have to be released for any free agent signing to take place.

While that doesn’t seem necessarily likely, there are still players in the NBA’s free agency pool who could bring some more depth to Philadelphia. If someone you’re thinking of isn’t on here, make sure to check out Part 1!

An All-Star Forward for the Sixers

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is a mirror image of Iguodala. Both are past their primes and would provide mentorship to young players on the team. However, the differences are near opposites. Melo has no championships, has always been an offense over defense guy, and clearly still has something in the tank, as evidenced by his 26.0 minutes per game last season, averaging 13.3 points per game.

Anthony would provide the 76ers with a floor-stretching power forward who finally appears to be embracing Morey Ball. Last season, Melo shot 37.5% from deep on a career-high per 36 eight three-pointers per game. While his last stint with Daryl Morey didn’t end all too well, Melo’s evolution to a high-level role player would bring a high-risk, low-reward signing for Philadelphia.

A 6th Man of the Year Finalist

Dennis Schroder

Dennis Schroder is just a few years removed from Sixth Man of the Year consideration. The German point guard has since bounced around to the Lakers, the Celtics, and the Houston Rockets, never truly finding a good fit long term.

However, his stats have still been impressive, if not slightly underwhelming, following his career year with the Thunder in 2019-2020. Last season, Schroder played in 49 games with the Celtics, starting 25 of them, and in 15 games for the Rockets. The 28-year-old guard scored 13.5 points per game for the Celtics and Rockets with a 43.1/34.4/85.3 shooting split.

He also showcased his playmaking ability, averaging 4.6 assists per game. His assist number got even better in Houston, averaging 5.9 assists per game for the Rockets. He may not be one of the most efficient players in the NBA, but he still has the potential and the age (29 next season) to be an incredibly valuable piece of the roster to the 76ers.

A Defensive Minded Guard with a Chance

Avery Bradley

Avery Bradley played last season with the lowly Los Angeles Lakers, appearing in 62 games and playing over 20 minutes a night. Bradley was picked with the 19th pick in the 2010 draft by the Boston Celtics and was a significant member of the Celtics during the Isaiah Thomas era. However, since leaving Boston, Bradley has bounced around to numerous teams (6 of them), and has had an up and down career.

However, last year, Bradley started 45 games for the Lakers, contributing 6.4 points and 0.9 steals per game, all while shooting a significantly improved percentage from three. Bradley launched 3.4 three pointers per game, hitting them at a solid rate of 39.0% for the season. The Sixers could always use more perimeter defense and shooting on the team with Joel Embiid.


More than likely, the Philadelphia 76ers are not going to make any roster moves to sign any of these players. Their roster is already overflowing. Considering the Trez signing, and the 17 players currently on the Sixers, it is almost guaranteed that the Sixers will not be making a signing anytime soon.

Plus, with the talent on the Sixers roster and the fact that there is a reason that each of these players in the free agent market are still in the free agent market, means the Sixers will almost assuredly not sign any of these players, no matter how amazing it would be to see Carmelo Anthony in a 76ers jersey.