2022 Flyers Development Camp: Day 2

Flyers' Cam York
BRIDGEPORT, CT – OCTOBER 05: Philadelphia Flyers Defenseman Cam York (45) looks to pass the puck during the second period of the pre-season National Hockey League game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Islanders on October 5,2021, at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, CT. (Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire)

A day ago, the Philadelphia Flyers began the on-ice sessions of their development camp. Tomorrow, they’ll take a day off the ice for team activities. Today, the pace quickens at the Flyers Training Center.

Tanner Laczynski, Egor Zamula, and Wade Allison were standouts on day two of the development camp in 2021. On the topic of Laczynski, Mike O’Connell brought up the wisdom of a player taking their time to return versus rushing back. Laczynski and Allison were both injured in the 2021 Flyers Training Camp. Here’s what O’Connell mentioned, citing Laczynski:

“Laczynski last year, he came back, and he did a fine job for us, but you could tell he was still stiff. He had a major operation; he wasn’t as loose as he probably could’ve been.”

Mike O’Connell; 7/11/2022

Who might break out on day two of this development camp? All eyes were on Cutter Gauthier on day one, but after O’Connell’s press conference yesterday, keep a focus on Ronnie Attard.

Devin Kaplan

Kaplan had a puck deflect off his face already in development camp. He is okay, joking about it today while addressing the media:

“I took a puck to the face yesterday. Just glued it up, it’s fine now though. It doesn’t hurt too bad, just a little swolen. It was just an unlucky ricochet off the post, I didn’t even see it coming. My mom will be pissed, that’s about it.”

Devin Kaplan; 7/12/2022

He and Cutter Gauthier were together in shooting drills. Those two are very familiar, previously USNTDP teammates. The USNTDP is a well that the Philadelphia Flyers like to visit. Together in development camp, Kaplan and Gauthier strengthen their bond on their NHL journey.

Kjell Samuelsson

Samuelsson, the Director of Player Development, addressed the media. He was very transparent about Cam York and if he is ready to play a complete NHL season.

“He’s ready, in my mind.”

Kjell Samuelsson; 7/12/2022

He added, “it’s above my pay-grade to decide if he’s going to play in the NHL or not.” Considering the state of the defense and the upside York presents on an NHL rink, it would be surprising if he is left off the opening night lineup. Samuelsson sounds like he would certainly agree.

Additionally, Samuelsson followed up on something O’Connell said yesterday about Ronnie Attard:

“If he ends up in the NHL, there’s going to be a little bit of struggle because to go from college, even if he played games at the end of last season, it’s a big jump to go from college to the NHL. I think he’s capable of doing it. There’s going to be bumps in the road, and we have to work with him, and I think he’s a very good prospect.”

Kjell Samuelsson; 7/12/2022

Cam York

Speaking of York, he met with the media, too. Samuelsson gave his stamp of approval to York. He’s in development camp at the request of the Philadelphia Flyers. Before the end of 2021-2022, York suffered a lower-body injury, shutting him down for the remainder of the season. He didn’t skate much this summer, getting treatments to recover before 2022-2023.

“I feel pretty good. I was expecting to maybe have a hiccup here, but so far, pretty clear. My body feels good; training’s going really well so far for me.”

Cam York; 7/12/2022

York noted that it’s “good sometimes to go through things like that,” regarding his experience on the Flyers in 2021-2022. He battled adversity with Philadelphia, using it as a learning experience at the NHL level. Samuelsson gave his blessing based on his performance. In listening to York, he flexed mental fortitude.

Samuel Ersson

Admittedly, Ersson is not completely healthy. With limited time on the ice, Ersson still has to get used to what he can and cannot do. A work in progress, Ersson is the only goaltender at the development camp signed to a Philadelphia Flyers contract.

“It’ll take a little time. I haven’t been on ice for that much of time, so it’ll take a little bit of time on the ice to really get to one-hundred percent.”

Samuel Ersson; 7/12/2022

While he isn’t completely healthy, Ersson appreciates his progress. “I’ll get back in no time,” is the level of confidence Ersson has in his recovery. He’s struggled with groin injuries. John Gove of Dobber Prospects described Ersson’s groin injury as reoccurring. This observation was as of June 2022.

When Ersson spoke, it seemed like a weight was off his shoulders. Mentally drained from his injury history, he feels his body is responding the way he needs.

(Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire)