A look at MLS: Highlighting Week Seven of 2022

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Week Seven of the 2022 MLS season was one where the parity that is always associated with this league was on full display. 10 of the 28 teams drew, the last undefeated team fell, and there were goals galore in certain games. After what was the first real odd week of the 2022 MLS season, we are starting to get a good picture of what teams will look like this year. Let’s take a look back at week seven of the 2022 MLS season.

Week Seven
Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union, Andrew Zwarych

Week Seven of 2022

The last undefeated team, Philadelphia Union, fell on the road to Toronto FC. Montreal has a legit MVP candidate helping them win in Djordje Mihailovic. Austin scored three in the final 10 minutes against DC; they’re up to second in the west! NYCFC scored six on RSL after getting bounced in the CCL semifinals earlier last week. Couple all this with some 0-0 draws and you get a very odd week seven of MLS play. Here are some highlights of what went down.

Montreal vs Vancouver

San Jose vs Nashville

Atlanta vs Cincinnati

Houston vs Portland

New York vs Dallas

Columbus vs Orlando

DC vs Austin

New England vs Charlotte

Toronto vs Philadelphia

Chicago vs Los Angeles

Minnesota vs Colorado

Seattle vs Miami

New York City vs Salt Lake

LAFC vs Kansas City

Standings after Week Seven

Winners in the East: Montreal, Orlando, New England, Miami, Toronto, New York City.

Draws in the East: Atlanta, Cincinnati, New York, Chicago.

Losers in the East: Columbus, DC, Charlotte, Philadelphia.

Winners in the West: Austin, Minnesota, LAFC.

Draws in the West: San Jose, Nashville, Houston, Portland, Dallas, Los Angeles.

Losers in the West: Vancouver, Colorado, Seattle, Kansas City.

Week Eight kicks off this weekend

Week eight begins this coming weekend! The season is progressing to the point where there is a true look at which teams are good, which teams aren’t, and which teams are somewhere in the middle. Week seven was the first truly “weird” week in the 2022 season. Teams are doing complete 180s from the week before, and certain teams are just now finding their footing. This will be something to keep an eye on as certain teams begin to pull away from the pack or jumble things up on the table. Here’s a look at this week’s matches.

Saturday, April 23

  • Dallas vs Houston
  • Philadelphia vs Montreal 
  • Minnesota vs Chicago
  • DC vs New England 
  • Austin vs Vancouver 
  • Kansas City vs Columbus 
  • Colorado vs Charlotte 
  • Portland vs Salt Lake
  • San Jose vs Seattle 
  • Los Angeles vs Nashville

Sunday, April 24

  • Miami vs Atlanta
  • Orlando vs New York
  • Cincinnati vs LAFC
  • New York City vs Toronto 

All 28 clubs will play in week eight. There is no big marquee matchup this week in terms of two top teams or heated rivals meeting. The league will likely force the “rivalry” between Miami vs Atlanta; however, the matchup of the weekend will likely be NYCFC against TFC. Both teams pulled off big wins last weekend, and are looking to rise up the eastern conference standings. Of course, we’ll have you covered with previews of Philadelphia vs Montreal as the week goes on. Can the Union get back to their winning ways this weekend and keep their hold of the top of the eastern conference?

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Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union, Andrew Zwarych